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    Why Siya ke Ram 7th July episode shown distorted version on Ramayana ?

    I was ardent follower of Ramayan and when ever serials come on this subject , I wont miss for obvious reasons. But the episode shown on 7th July really taken me aback and so was others. It was shown that Sita being sent away by Meghnath upon seeing frequent quarrel inside the family on her issue. She was sent alone on a boat and that comes to the shore where Ram and others plan strategy. If this kind of distortion was shown, then what is the necessity of Ram avenging Ravana and killing him and others. Even in the episode of Sita being kidnaped, Ravana never touches her, but here she was chased, touched and bodily lifted. Very disturbing to see such scenes.
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    The mythological series being aired these days seem to be taking too much liberties with the original concept. They have been treating the epics or other mythological concepts just like they do with the regular soaps which indeed is quite disturbing.

    Not only mythological series, but they do it with historical series as well. Maybe we can agree that the mythological stories have different versions depending upon the author who has interpreted them. But, history is unique and there cannot be two versions in it. Still, it has been observed in the past that they just twist the plot to suit the TRP. We have seen it happening with Maharana Pratap and Akbar before.

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    Many television serials based on the epic Ramayana have been made so far. Perhaps people liked most the serial made by Ramanand Sagar which was telecasted on Doordarshan in the year 1986. Later the serial Jai Hanuman based on Ramayana which was made by Sanjay Khan was telecasted on Doordarshan. Subsequently other serials based on Ramayana were broadcasted on Zee TV, NDTV Imagine, Sony TV and Star Plus etc.
    The serial mentioned by the author of the thread I don't watch as after watching the Ramanand Sagar serial nothing looks like Ramayana any more. Even the actors and actresses appear fake to me. Nothing can compare with the original Ramanand Sagar serial.
    As far as twisting the story is concerned perhaps the producers do so to avoid copyright violations. Since there is no censor board in the case of television serials, the producers and the channels concerned are supposed to self regulate the contents.

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    Dear Kailashji,

    Why do you always make it a point to mix up unneeded information in your responses? The thread is concerned with a particular series ( or rather an episode of the serial) and why can't we concentrate on that alone? Except the last paragraph in your response, nothing else has anything to do with the query under discussion!

    I request you to stay on topic. The author has not asked you to let us know whether you like the series or not. It is just about the twists they bring up unnecessarily in the series. Being a senior member - that is what we expect from you, not unnecessarily elongated posts with the sole aim of garnering more points.

    I know this post has every chance of being deleted and allotted some negative points - but that would not stop me from saying what I believe in.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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