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    Who is the father of Sita of epic Ramayana?

    It is known that Sita was not born to Janaka of Mythila. The Mythila King Janak found Sita as a baby in a box along with a Bow (Shiva Dhanush) when he went for outing. He nurtured and brought up Sita as his own daughter. As sita grew, the bow also grew equally. If it is so, Who is father of Sita?

    Is there any other story about Sita? How did King Janak obtain the great Shiva Dhanush, and from where and from whom?
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    Father of Sita in the Ramayana is Rajarshi (Raja+Rishi) Janaka. So, Sita is also known as Janaki.

    Although I know there are different versions of the Ramayana, but the versions (more than one) which I have read, state that Sita is the daughter of Janaka.

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    To my knowledge, the only Raja rishi is Viswamitra. None other than Viswamitra is known as Raja rishi. Janaka is only a king and not a rishi. You are telling a strange story of King Janaka. Since King Janaka brought up Sita, he named her as Janaki.

    In fact, Ravana the King of Srilanka is the father of Sita who sent Sita out in a box with a Shiva Dhanush when an astrologer warned him that a birth of a female would ruin the kingdom. Hence, he disposed her off, in a pretty box. However, Ravana's Kingdom was ruined due to his daughter Sita only. How is that?

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    Yes Sun made the right submission. But why the daughter was responsible for Ravana ruin is because of his choosing the Adharma way. Please remember as long as Ravana was reasonable and able in his administration even Lord Shiva used to help him with very good boons and Ravana is the only demon King who rules for many years and had the terror kind of feel in others hearts. Just because of his mistake of having kidnapped Sita that too at the instigation of Surpanaka, Ravana would have been surviving for more years. For everything end must come and thus through Sita , the demon King was made to pay the price of his mistake.
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    Destiny or fate cannot be changed or altered. If Ravana was to suffer due to his daughters birth , he would suffer at any cost. No escape route to save from the destined destruction. The girl (Sita) who was sent away in a box with a shivdhanush got returned (as wife of Ram) by abduction to Srilanka through Surpanaka and Ravana. The astrology proved it correct. Srilanka ruined through Ravana's daughter.
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    There are many stories about the birth of Sita. According to the Ramopakhyana in Mahabharat, Sita was the real daughter of Janaka. The story of being found in a field might have been added by later adoptions of Ramayana.

    One of the stories says Sita was born when Janaka's semen fell on the field while he was thinking of Menaka - the Apsara. One more story describes her as being the reincarnation of Vedavati who was molested by Ravan and vowed to avenge the insult before committing suicide.
    Some later adoptions to Ramayana state that Mandodari was Sita's mother.
    Whatever be the truth, it was Janaka who raised her and that should be the ultimate truth.

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    In every Hindu wedding card you see the Sanskrit sloka

    Janakaya kamlanmanajali putaya padma ragaithaha nayastha raghava masthakecha ........Janakasaya puthri janaki ...... means Sita's father is janaka....

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    Stories about the birth of Sita etc. are mythological stories which are based on myths. Mythological stories exist in all cultures. We must listen to and respect all such stories without contradicting anything or creating any dispute about the same. After all such stories are myths only, created by the vivid imagination of the great authors of those days.
    According to the Valmiki's Ramayana, Sita was discovered in a furrow in a ploughed field, adopted and brought up by Janaka, king of Mithila and his wife Sunayana.
    However according to Sanghadasa's Jaina version of Ramayana and Adbhuta Ramayana, Sita was Ravana's daughter.
    In the Ramopkhyana Mahabharata, Sita is described as Janka's real daughter.

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    I do not claim to be an expert on this matter. It is also my interest to have correct knowledge if I am wrong. Hence I am putting what I know about it.

    Sita is not the biological daughter of Janaka. Sita was discovered when the land was being ploughed. As she came from 'Sitam' that is plough, she was named as Sita.
    As she was discovered from earth and there was no other known proof it is believed that Sita is daughter of Mother Earth or Bhoomi Devi.
    It is also believed that when she ended her life she went back to her mother Earth.

    I everything, there will be a cause and effect connection extending from previous birth. So in this case also the birth of Sita may have some cause and effect connection from her previous birth. In that case the Ravana connection also may be extended as opined in some versions. Very old epics and mythologies suffer from such issues. As there are no direct eye witnesses we have to go with the most plausible logical explanations.

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    First of all people should understand the meaning of mythology. It originates from the word "myth" which means it is not reality. I think Ramayana was just a literature written to teach people but people have done the opposite.

    All the stories has been been manipulated according to their convenience. Those who were fan of Ravana created a new story that she was his daughter. People are hell bent to prove their point but without any evidence nobody can prove anything because it is just a book not reality.

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