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    Let's debate: Shouldn't Zakir Naik and his Peace TV be banned in India?

    Time has come to take the bull by the horns. After the dastardly attacks of ISIS in a posh Dhaka restaurant and at the Idgah in Kishoreganj of Banglaesh (on the day of Eid), Bangladesh Govt. has clearly and unequivocally blamed Zakir Naik for indoctrinating local youth to Wahabi and Salafi version of Islam and ideology of ISIS. The Indian experts who are watching the development for a quite long period of time, have stated time and again that Zakir Naik has been propagating hatred against other religions. Not only other religions, Zakir Naik is extremely critical towards the other sects of Islam (Islam has altogether 72 sects).

    USA, Russia and even Malaysia (a Muslim country) have already banned Peace TV in their countries. In India also, steps were initiated in 2012 itself to ban Peace TV, but due to interference of some prominent leaders of Congress and its partners (no prize for guessing the reason), no action was finally taken.

    In view of the circumstances mentioned above, shouldn't the Govt. of India take steps to ban Peace TV and the preaching of Zakir Naik? Let's debate.
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    Few years back I also heard his sermons on the television and always makes difference between religions and bring glory to the Islam. His speech is widely heard and followed the world over and that made him famous. What surprises me that he is not the true Muslim. His name suggests that. Secondly a true Muslim wont wear the attire of western suits. That means when he is not having faith on his own religion which even preaches how to dress and address, how come his sermons are taken seriously by the drifted youth in Dhaka are resort to terrorism. What ever it is India cannot tolerate his instigating words and government is right on its decision to ban him and his tv.
    K Mohan
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    @Partha: The USA has not banned Peace TV, it has banned entry of Zakir Naik into American territory. His speeches and words are protected by the First Amendment there.

    And besides, a country allowing Naik into their territory is a *privilege*. The same cannot be said for India. Naik is not a foreigner to India, he is an Indian citizen and he enjoys the same rights as anyone else in this country.

    Naik has the freedom of speech, and it would be wise to uphold that, not unlike the standard set by the USA. As damaging as his bigotry may be, it cannot be responded to with even more bigotry by clamping down on one of our fundamental rights. That would be more damaging to the nation, I imagine, as then that would be state-sanctioned bigotry.

    Naik has made no statements that to directly incite violence - only his ideologies happen to be followed by terrorists. A terrorist can claim to be inspired by any kind of totem or ideology, that is no justification for placing an immediate ban on it.

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    Bigotry begets competitive and reactive bigotry. So, I strongly feel that for the sake of maintaining fragile peace (real peace, I mean) in this sub-continent, we have to ban Joker and his channel.
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    Zakir Naik has been described as a televangelist by the media. Originally the term televangelism meant the use of television to communicate Christianity. However later it got extended to other religions also. Zakir Naik propagate Wahhabism or Salafism which is an ultra-conservative reform movement within Sunni Islam.
    Zakir Naik has founded Peace TV which is a nonprofit satellite television network based at Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    Peace TV broadcasts its programs globally 24/7, to more than 200 countries in the English language and the telecast is free-to-air. Peace TV Urdu and Peace TV Bangla are its sister channels.
    Peace TV was banned in India in 2012 by the Government.
    Since one of the terrorists involved in the 2016 terrorist attack in Dhaka was a follower of Naik, the Government of India is examining the issue.
    Perhaps Zakir Naik is also a kind of 'baba', though the contents of his speeches are sometimes inconsistent with the propriety, non- Muslim religious ideologies and the law.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    @Partha: And bigotry is not illegal. In fact, it can even you get elected in most democratic countries.

    The day we start squandering free speech for 'peace' is when we rip apart the constitution and all that it stands for. If we go by this, then virtually all information could be banned for somehow influencing individuals not committed to maintaining peace.

    Besides, as Kailash Kumar has pointed out, Peace TV already *is* de facto banned by not having a television broadcast license in the country. And this happened in 2012, and I'm sure I don't have to remind you who was in power then. Of course, it'd be much easier and more convenient to believe in misinformation, however.

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    #570579 : I have learnt from my childhood that for the sake of greater good, sometime we have to sacrifice lesser goods. So, for the sake of greater 'peace' among communities, we have to sacrifice the lesser peace (tv) and the joker.
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    I am quoting one great statement of the joker to make others understand the venom he vomits: ""Every Muslim should be a terrorist. The thing is if he is terrorising the terrorist, he is following Islam. Whether he is or not, I don't know. But you as Muslims know that, without checking… laying allegations is also wrong."
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