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    Learning has no end- A lesson taught by ISC logo

    [This entry wins the 2nd prize for the 'Me, the logo of ISC' creative writing contest]

    It is a story about a girl staying in hostel for her studies. She was Arushi- a very much sincere about her studies and used to spend most of the time in library. And that's why she was not having good friends.
    Apart from this, she was also having a negative attitude towards others. She never used to give respect to others and value to others time. Following this habit, she never respected her hostel warden- Ms. Abha. She was an old lady enjoying her old bachelor life spending in serving girls hostel. She was very friendly with girls and girls used to love her like their family member.
    But Arushi used to insult Ms Abha thinking that she is not educated and wasting her life doing this job. As per her views, what the hostel warden is doing great in her life.
    The days were going same for all and the course was about to end after final examinations. All girls were busy with their studies but Arushi was tensed for some other reason. She was struggling hard for something and her tension was sensed by Ms. Abha. One day she interrupted her while rushing to office and asked about the same. Arushi simply replied- "This is none of your business and even if I will explain, you will not be able to understand. So, better don't waste my time." This reply from Arushi was expected so it did not hurt Ms Abha and she followed her to get the details. She got to know that Arushi was trying to apply for higher studies from abroad and was not getting proper guidance. She was worried that she may miss the last date for application.
    At night of the same day, Ms. Abha went to Arushi's room and asked her to come with her. This time Arushi simply followed her and both entered in Ms Abha's room. She was surprised to see a laptop on the study table and asked instantly- "Ms. Abha do you know how to operate a laptop?" Ms. Abha simply smiled and opened the home page of "IndiaStudyChannel". Then she opened the link- Best Countries to Study Abroad: Overseas Education Guide.
    Then she left her study table and asked Arushi to get all the details about her course and university. Arushi was surprised with all that. She noted all the details and then asked Ms. Abha about all these secrets about her. She never pretended that she has knowledge about all these things. Arushi added that she never expected such an old lady to be up to date with whatever is going in the world.
    Then Ms. Abha replied-"Dear Arushi, there is no age of learning and it is an endless process going through out the life. I could not complete my education due to family reasons but now I am an active member of the "IndiaStudyChannel"- an Education Portal, where I used to learn about new things and get opportunities to share my knowledge. Then Ms. Abha showed her the Logo of ISC and explained- "Look at the logo where a Guru is sitting in a pose of teaching his students though out the day. The Sun rises and sets but the teaching goes on. This is the biggest lesson to learn that to learn about anything, you should have a will power and not a specific age. Arushi was happy now and was regretting for all her bad deeds with Ms. Abha. She was having tears in her eyes when she said sorry to her.
    Ms. Abha held her tightly with love and said- Don't cry. Go and prepare well for your examinations. Will you teach me about Coral drawing? Arushi smiled and said- "Why not. We can learn anything at any age- A lesson I learned from ISC logo".

    Entry for Me, the logo of ISC - creative writing contest
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    The earth is round in shape and sun never sets , if we consider earth as a whole. When there is dark on one side of the earth, the other side radiates with sun light.
    Thus learning has no end provided we believe in the concept of 'vasudhaiva kutumbakam'.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I liked your story that age has no bar to learn at any stage. We can learn a lot in this earth until our death. Good creative story. Well done.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    I agree with the author that for a seeking person learning is not limited or end. In fact I consider my self a new learner and every day I learn from this site. Because we have the tendency to forget everything in due course of time and ISC gives bigger platform to learn those things missed either too. And those who have learned must teach and preach. Otherwise their learning is not full. I always felt that dissemination of information is the right attitude so that many would be benefited with that and ISC is providing us with a International platform to share and discuss.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    A beautiful story developed by Ms. Padmini. Indeed learning has no age. The author has also successfully linked a sub-section with the story and explained the logo of ISC in the story. I have enjoyed reading the story.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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