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    Is resorting to sycophancy or flattering necessary for success in life?

    Yes, you read it right. I have deliberately typed the word 'success'.
    Success may mean different to different individual, but in general people acquiesce to flatter others who matter and the people in power sccumb too.
    They may be playing smart from their point of view, but many do resort to sycophancy or flattering for 'gains'.
    Flattering need not always be elaborate in nature.
    Often for trivial requirements like leaving work place earlier or reaching late, even a flattering smile works well and an apologistic smile may cover many folloies.
    Is resorting to sycophancy or flattering necessary for success in life?
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    In this stressful and tensed world, every one is minding their own business and there is not time for us to appreciate others and their work. But a human being always expects others to watch their actions and moves and get a word of appreciation or pat and that is very natural. If you praise your wife for her cooking skill and taste, nothing wrong. If you praise your children for their good work and getting strong in education, it is not flattery. What I mean to say that appreciation should not be taken as flattery and in that way it sends positive signals to the other person who would take in further stride for his progress. So hence forth appreciate a good work.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Sycophancy is a weak point and this may be applied to please a man to get the desired result and very often many of us are indulged to such activities in order to achieve a short cut gain. If someone is being flattered for leaving the work - place somewhat earlier or reporting the duty place at late hours, it would work temporarily but such act does not crate any positive impression. Success in the real terms in any field calls for a number of parameters to be adopted to get the desired effects. By having such qualities, it becomes easier for a man to handle any delicate situation relating to work. One thing to be noted in this connection is that to praise a person for his commendable job is to be differentiated from the sycophancy. To praise others without having any desire to get in return would create a positive impact to the person being praised for his excellent jobs. Such acts should be done to stimulate our acquaintances to encourage them in their activities.

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    Kailash Kumar, in life you can chose to go the hard way
    of trying to be successful on your on accord with no need of a helping hand. However this might be much harder than looking
    up to someone in authority to do some pushing for
    you. Here in our country i notice that the later group seem to move faster in life than the former. As i pointed out in one of my forum messages, performing a very minor correction now in the site is not that easy. Like in line three you would have done the necessary if things were easier.

    efficiency is the modern form of laziness

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    Perhaps a small percentage of individuals are sincere, diligent and devoted to their duties. They earn respect also within the organization in due course. For such people their work itself is a type of flattery to their bosses. They flatter by working and most of the others for not working or working less.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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