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    Why few members yield to the tempetations of performing editorial functions?

    Taking a cue from this thread raised by ME, I am raising this question for answers and discussion. The concept - 'silently watch what others talk' appealed and tickled my fancy.
    I have noticed that few members sometimes start issuing advices, suggestions and even directions to other members by overstepping their jurisdiction. Perhaps they fulfill their fantasies of being an editor of the ISC.
    Why few members yield to the tempetations of performing editorial functions?
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    It would be nice if you bring out certain URL of threads wherein members suggested, advised and given directions to ISC overstepping their jurisdiction. Please don't keep the members in dark while asking such tempting questions.

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    Sun - I can provide url, but only when asked by an editor.
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    Well, I do feel regular members can advice other members when they feel that the concerned member is moving the other way. Having been a contributor to the site for a considerable time, every member gets to know the proper guidelines and policies of the site. When some members are found to take undue advantage of the system, it is the duty of the fellow members to point out the mistake even if they are not editors. It should be our collective responsibility to keep the site chaste - I do not think it is the sole duty of editorial team alone.
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    The answer to the question posed in the thread is very simple:-the Members who issue directions/advice, etc. to other Members have a secret wish, to become the Editor of ISC. That is why they behave like the Editor.
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    Okay Kailash,
    Every experienced senior member is not less than any editor at ISC . Though a senior member is not an editor, ISC never discourages a senior member from rendering advice, suggestions or direction. In fact, they award cash credit to the best advice, suggestion and direction rendered.

    What the editor has is the special keys and some authority. That's all. Have you ever seen any editor rendering advice/suggestion/direction to the newbie joining ISC? Even ISC editors don't yield to the request of their own boss editors. They would say it as their prerogative.

    So it may not be a temptation to perform, but to be considered it as a duty to perform as a responsible ISC member.

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    Mr Kailash, you have got it all wrong. It's not because of the temptations that one tries to guide the newbies. For most, showing the correct path to the newbies , comes naturally. Timmappa and Sun have already explained that it's not that only editors have to help the newcomers with the various guidelines of the site, but applies to every learned member. And what's wrong if a senior or experienced member helps others with what he or she has learned with his/her experience in this site?

    And, if I am not wrong, you yourself have often guided the newcomers, regarding guidelines on pulling threads more than 10 days old. So can it be assumed that you are aspiring to become an editor of this wonderful site?

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    I just 'silently watched' the 'this' thread linked in this thread by author.
    But even this thread author could not keep a silent watch on that thread.

    So temptations are there for everyone- in one way or other.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    I would appreciate the role of senior members if they take care of the newcomers in guiding them suitably so that they get sufficient stimulation in sustaining their activities. All senior members of ISC channels have abundant experience and hence this experience has to be utilised in promoting the newbies. In that way, the burden of the editors would be lessened to a considerable extent. It would be an excellent strategy to encourage the newcomers with our inherent qualities so that they could achieve success without any impediments.

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    Thank you Dhruv for concurring with my views. I have always tried to point out the mistakes committed by fellow members. Not that these errors are intentional. But, I make it a point to take it head on with the concerned member instead of complaining to the team or anything like that. That does not mean I have any aspirations of being an editor here. It is just out of a natural instinct that I react so.
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    Offering guidance to newbies is different than demonstrating editorial instincts by trying to guide non-newbies. I myself often offer guidance to newbies whenever I find it appropriate to do so.
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    When we claim that we are the family members of this site, then giving advise or directions on behalf of editors is nothing wrong by virtue of being seniors and having known the rules and regulations of this site.
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    Why should it be different giving advice to non newbie ( what does that word mean?)members? If the senior members commit some errors either intentionally, or otherwise, why can't other members correct them?

    No member here can consider himself/herself above everyone else. I do not care whether one is a senior member or a junior when he commits a mistake. As a responsible member, it should be my duty. I am not here just to earn, but to be part of a larger family, to satiate my creative urge. From that perspective, this is a whole extended family and just the same way as we have arguments within the family - we are bound to have such issues now and then. There should be nothing wrong in correcting the family members who are being nasty.

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    Can you specifically bring out the advice/suggestion/direction rendered to an oldie (non newbie as per you) to understand the intention of the author in a better manner?

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    I know very well what the author has been trying to point out. And I would maintain that it is not wrong to point out the errors committed by members - whether newbies or "non newbies". There is no need for you to be an editor for that, or you need not have editorial aspirations.
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    I can say with pride(?) that I have never given advice even to the newcomers in this site. Even after nine and a half months, many aspects of this site are not fully clear to me, so how can I advise others?
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    While a newbie joins ISC, it is the senior members of ISC who receives them with a warm welcome message and guide them to read FAQ etc. No editor joins the thread except ME Vandana who comes out occasionally with her welcome message to the newbies.

    Most Editors feel that it is below their dignity to post a welcome message to the newbies.

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    Mr.Sun, I think you don't leave any stone unturned to hit the Editors whenever an opportunity comes to you or you try to make it convenient to test the patience of the other end. A senior member may absolve from his responsibility by just welcoming the newbie to ISC but it is the Editors who monitor them and guide them properly to get tuned to the posting guidelines, rectify the grammatical errors via PM or email.

    I don't hesitate to say that some senior members feel that they are equal to ME and they need a response from ME or WM and accepting a response from a LE or Editor is below their dignity.


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    The response #570793 added a new dimension to the thread. I was merely toying with the idea of few members having fantasies of being an editor of the ISC, but it appears that there are few rare birds who pretend to have notions about their level being equivalent to ME or WM also.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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