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    A brain teasing exercise to ISCian. Find out the hidden ISC members

    Members, the below paragraph is hiding the names of 11 (Eleven ) ISC forum members ( For members with two names, only their first name is hidden ) Please roll your head to find the eleven names. This is to check how good are you in recognizing ISC family members.

    @ Note: Don't post your answers here (Don't post your answers here) Members should send their answers to my e-mail ID - After mailing your answer, leave a small message in this thread stating that you have posted the answers.

    "Miss Bharathi the dream girl of Indian cinema and her directors Sadashiv and Anand went to Sharjah to meet a foreign comedy film director Mr Kaly, an Iranian film director to discuss their film titled 'Proven kites war and its effect'. The film was based on Physiology psychology and pathology. They requested Mr. Kaly to direct a part having comedy events. He agreed. But he asked them to see madam Kaly to get her consent. Bharathi met madam Kaly and conveyed a message in writing. When she read her message, Ms Kaly laughed at her. She said,"Amma, this is not an easy job. While leaving, they said," The time spent on your land will be remembered for ever."

    @Update - The spelling of word 'cenema' has been rightly corrected as 'cinema'.
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    With an intention to participate in the private contest of the author, I read the thread. However, I stumbled on the word 'cenema' appearing in the first line itself. Since spellings matter more in the given contest, the author is requested to either correct the spelling or offer elucidation regarding the same.
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    Sorry, A typo. I stand corrected . Read it as cinema.

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    Have you tried to find the hidden ISCians? Today is the final day to find the hidden names of ISCian.

    Clue: In the first line, our ISC ME is hiding. In the last line one of our ISC WM is hiding.

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    Sun, I have sent my answers. Unfortunately, I could find the name of only nine of the members. Well, I have to appreciate the fact that there are not many here in ISC, who can beat you in coming up with creative games.
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    Received your e-mail. Very pleased with the answers.

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