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    What is your opinion about tattooing?

    Not only the technique, but the idea behind tattooing has also seen a great deal of change over the last few decades.

    A few decades ago, we could find that tattoos were predominantly used by people in rural areas to display their affection towards someone or as a  religious tribute. These tattoos were way more simple and straightforward.

    Nowadays we find that tattooing has become more like an art. The designs look more complex, involving lot of  intricacies. They have become almost indispensable as a fashion statement. It won't be wrong to say that tattoos have become a mark of the affluent urban people.

    While some people dismiss this tattooing culture as a mere show off, others seem to be very emotional about it. They think that it is something beyond just fashion and see it as their identity; a strong message they want to send out to the world.

    At the end of the day, it all boils down to one's own personal opinion. What is your personal opinion about this? How do you see this tattooing culture?
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    Only last month, we had discussed tattoos on this thread.
    Tattoos involve related medical issues also as they break the skin barrier. Since the sharp needles of tattoo instruments come in contact with blood and bodily fluids, they are likely to cuase infections of the skin, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tuberculosis and even HIV. However nowadays, the equipment are sterilized in an autoclave before and after every use. Tetanus risk is also there, but that is taken care of by tetanus booster prior to being tattooed. Sometimes allergic reactions take place due to tattoo ink colorants also.
    Though Mehndi, also known as a henna is not a tattoo as such, but as a traditional Indian method of staining the skin is perhaps much better than a tattoo.

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    The old tradition followed in our villages since long back is being given new name and the craze for having tattoo on the body has been increasing. In villages they used to have the house name on the hands so that in case of missing , the person could be traced out and handed over to right family. So that has been seen as the fashion today in cities. I have seen girls are more interested to have the tattoo than boys. There are special studios came for this purpose and the youth are spending much time and money on varied and attractive tattooed on their bodies.
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    The tattoo and the art of tattooing have originated from the tribal people of Africa. This was later adapted by the people of western countries and more later adopted by the ultra-modern young men and women of the country. Even twenty years ago, very few young people used to have tattoo.
    Personally I dislike tattoo. I don't call this an art. Having horrible pictures and slogans tattooed all the visible parts (and sometimes on invisible parts of the body) can't be considered an art. It does not create any favourable feeling in my mind. Not only that, tattooing may cause various diseases (including AIDS) from the infected needles.

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    Kalpana, it doesn't matter if the subject is discussed in last 15days, you should continue posting your content. For new members like you there is no such limitations but yes some old members should know where and what to talk.

    As for your thread tattoing is concern, I take it very personally. Though, before an all I use to dislike these habit but now I can feel that it is very personal. Someone does it for style and someone does it for as traditions. However, If I ever do, it will be to show my love to someone special.

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