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    Is there any one who eat dog meat?

    As we know there are varieties of non vegetarian food available in different kinds of animals like pig pork,hen chicken, goat and sheep meat and some body will eat donkey and there is a dispute recently for eating cow meat i.e. beef e.t.c Is there any people who eat dog meat? If so, as what they say this meat name ? One great renowned Telugu and South Indian poet called yogi vemana said Jangas who eat dog meat for survival.Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    Dog meat is eaten in India also by some communities in the states of Mizoram, Nagaland and Manipur. World wide about 2.5 crore dogs are consumed on annual basis. In China about 1 crore dogs are slaughtered each year for meat and in South Korea about 25 lakh dogs are consumed annually. Dog meat is known as 'Gaegogi' in Korea.
    Dog meat is particularly popular in Vietnam and can be found in special restaurants. There is a large scale smuggling of dogs from Thailand to Vietnam for human consumption.
    Certain people believe that torturing the dog before slaughtering, enhances the taste of the dog meat.

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    Once I went to visit Nagaland. From Kohima, I went to a village located at Mokokchung District of the State. In the village, I was offered dog-meat as a special treat to the special guest (myself)! Somehow, I managed to avoid the dog-meat as well as avoid extreme unpleasantness.
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    Being a pure vegetarian I am not going to discuss on this subject but what I generally feel that dog meat is not preferred by many due to its unclean behavior and thus the acceptance of its meat would be rare.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    No, Mr. Mohan, Your view is not correct. Dog meat is extremely popular in China, North and South Korea, Vietnam and neighbouring countries. In India, some people of North-East eat dogs. The dogs which are consumed in China and Korea are kept in very hygienic condition.
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    I am a pure vegetarian, Normally most Indians eat mutton, chicken, beef,pork and some other birds. I have heard ( never seen) our north eastern part people eat Dogs. I do not know whether it is a street dog or farming.
    It sounds nasty but even I have seen people eat pork which is very unhygienic condition ( although there are farming pork). This is the choice of eater we can not control. Even people eat snake, cockroach etc.

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    #570686: I have visited many farms. Pigs are kept in very hygienic condition in all farms. So far as snake is concerned, it is a cold-blooded animal with only one bone. If the head is cut, there is absolutely no danger in taking snake-meat. Same thing applies for the legs of frog. This is delicious. All these meat are much more delicious and less dangerous than mushrooms and paneer/tofu, which many vegetarians consume.
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    Even in western culture consumption of dog meat is considered to be a taboo, though they have consumed dog meat in times of war and other kind of hardships.
    During the World War I , dog meat was eaten by the poorer classes because of famine conditions.
    During one of the Antarctic Expedition, the explorers killed their sled dogs for food.
    However, in general it can be said that consumption of dog meat is considered a taboo by most of the people world wide and only in few cultures and socities, it is a routine.

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    After watching all the meat eaters I wonder what else they will eat in future. Probably, human meat is the only thing which is left now for the world to eat. Now coming to the thread, I don't think people from India will eat dogs specially the region except north east India. If someone is found eating dog in India he might get severe thrashing from public.

    Only north eastern people specially Nagas eat it. In Hindu astrology we have special place for dogs and there are many families who make roti specially for dogs everyday.

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    From the responses and counter replies it is quite clear that when people can eat the pigs which lies and stays in filth, what is wrong to eat dog which is affectionate and master friendly obedient. That seems to be the stressing point here.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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