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    Ad Sense account is approved but activated?

    I applied for an Ad Sense account and it is approved by Google. I received an email saying "Your application has been successfully reviewed. Now you need to create your first ad unit and place the ad code on to fully activate your account. Note that before your account is fully activated, only blank ads will appear on your pages. Once your account is fully activated, you'll receive a confirmation email and begin to see live ads." Is there anything I should do now?
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    Do nothing, other than continuing to submit quality content. The ads are automatically placed by the site admin. Once you get full approval, let us know in this thread or in a fresh thread if this thread goes beyond 10 days. Then accordingly we will explain what needs to be done next.

    Managing Editor,

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    I received a mail saying 'Your Google Ad Sense account has been fully activated'. I can see the sample ad on the 'View Ad Sense Profile' page. But, the 'Manage Ad Sense Account' page shows
    Google Status : APPROVED
    India Study Channel Status : PENDING
    Am I right in thinking the India Study Channel status will be later changed by ISC Admin?

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