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    Should even the minutest problems be communicated to the family members residing at distant places?

    Nowadays in families, all members are not able to live together at the same place and are often distributed at distant places due to education or jobs related reasons. Sometimes spouses are forced by the compelling circumstances to live at different places and sometimes the children remain in hostels or do jobs in different cities.
    There are two schools of thoughts regarding maintaining communications in such cases. Few believe that nothing should be hidden and everything should be communicated to the family members in any case?
    The others believe that it is not advisable to disturb them unnecessarily by communicating each and everything like the cough or cold conditions.
    Should even the minutest problems be communicated to the family members residing at distant places?
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    Normally when the children are away from the parents, the most worried and concerned about them are the mother and also the father. Mother always tries to keep the tow of the child as to what he is doing, having taken food or not or inquire about welfare. Some times the children may not reveal the real problem they are facing in the out station or out of country. For example some may not get required food. One of my relative had been to Dubai on official duty and he is pure vegetarian. Obviously in the country of Muslims , we cannot expect vegetarian food. So he spent hell lot of time there and unable to say anything to parents , otherwise they will be worried. He was simply living with bread and jam for whole one month and that was really taxing and killed his taste buds. But when he came to Indian after one month, he literally broke down in front of the mother for having starved to her kind of cooking and taste and immediately ordered to serve all kinds of food.
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    Problems are various types, the person should learn which should be informed to the family, which should be to friends and which should managed by him self/ her self.
    Because problems are never ending, that does not mean we should share it with parents or family, as they might get disturbed. As you are at the problem situation and aware how to short it out, but as they are far from away you do not know what might be there thinking and tension level.

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