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    Beautiful tree of the ISC logo enjoying every moment of it

    I am the beautiful tree of the ISC logo. The tree is so pleasant and it is giving shelter to guru and shishya. Even ISC is like a tree were everyone here are to learn and earn. We share our knowledge and thoughts and learn from others. As a tree gets together many birds in them, ISC has got together many members from all parts of India. I peacefully sit in the logo shaking my branches and keep looking at the discussion happening in the Forum section. The members are so enthusiastic and active in the ISC and their contributions are commendable. The logo tells us that the guru is sharing his knowledge with his students and the shisya’s are eagerly listening to him and learning from what Guru tells. Similarly as in the ISC logo, everyone in ISC are Guru’s as well as student’s to each other as everyone share their knowledge with each other and also we learn so many things from others. Learning is a never ending process and every day we learn so many things through ISC alone.
    I as a tree of ISC feel so privileged to see a Guru sitting under me guiding his students in the right path. I as a tree of this entire ISC feel so lucky to be what I am, as everyday I see so many new members coming into the ISC shelter to improve their English and learn many more things. I remember an incident were once a dad was very much worried and confused about choosing a right college to his son. He had a tough time on thinking which course would have a better career for his son. As he kept thinking about it, he sat on a bench under a big banyan tree which was near his house. Soon his son and daughter came and sat near his feet. They started having a conversation and his children came to know about their dad’s worries. Soon the son opened the ISC and showed it to his dad. He explained to his dad that ISC is a platform which is open for everyone of any age group and anyone can ask their doubts and learn many things through it. His dad joined the ISC the very next moment and went though it in detail. He was very happy on joining ISC and felt this is the right platform to ask any doubts. He started posting his doubts in Forum section and also started asking questions in other sections of ISC. To his surprise he started getting valuable responses from the members immediately after posting his thread. With this, all his confusions were cleared and with the guidance of ISC members his son got admission in a very good college. He graduated and also got a good job very soon with the help of ISC again. Both dad and son were very happy with ISC and started recommending others to join it which became beneficial to others also. Son was very proud of his dad and he felt his dad is his first Guru who guided him in a right way at the right time. He saw the logo of ISC and remembered the moment he spoke about this Indiastudychannel to his dad, which his dad took seriously and made observation, discussion and guided him in a right path. He remembered their sitting position similar to ISC logo and felt the tree in ISC logo as the same tree they were sitting under while having the discussion.
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    The author nicely spotted the tree in our logo and connected this write up with her creative mind. Surely trees are our life partners and without which our life cycle cannot move further. Good thinking and best of luck.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Thank you Mohan sir for your appreciation. You are the one who genuinely appreciates everybody's work and encourage them. Thank You.

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    I was thinking so far that the design in the logo depicted above the head of the 'guru' and three 'shishyas' portrays the eastern part i.e. Japan side of the world globe. I still believe so until and unless confirmed otherwise by the ISC management. The round shape of logo represents the world globe with the north Pacific ocean portion in front. Though the eastern portions of Asia and Japan are visible, but the north American continent on the other side are not visible.
    However, I appreciate the creativity and imagination of the author in portraying the same as a branch of banyan tree which is symbolic of knowledge and wisdom.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I really appreciate the creativity and imagination of the author in her totally different interpretation of the logo of ISC as a banyan tree (which is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom). I thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Thank you so much Kailash sir and Parts sir for your appreciating words. This is truly encouraging me to contribute more to ISC.

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