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    Why young couples in business are loosing confidence and want to resign from life ?

    Yesterday I had been to one of the fancy stores being run by couples for the past three years. As far as I know the store is running good and it is feeding their family. But when I had the discussion, the lady seems to be totally dejected and got tears in her eyes that she is having fear about future as to rearing of her small child, big challenges ahead and the business is not fetching. I simply said one sentence that problems are not permanent and this phase of low business is just passing time. Keep faith and you will recover. She got recharged and started smiling ? Why young people get dejected even at small pause in life ?
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    As we know Business is a palce where although there is soem risk but it has good reward also. We can take the example of flipkart, during their initial time they were not able to sell a single copy of book where as right now they are India's top most e-commerce business.
    That does not mean every body will get success in business. I do not aware about the particular case which you have discussed. But if there is some down fall, try to know the reason, whether they are lacking of innovative product, or not able to provide the best service. They need to do hard work and promote their business in their local area which might increase their business.
    And about frustration his is just the weak mind, if some time falling loss might not they wont do better in future. Due top expecting more and huge profit in small time period they may be getting frustrated.

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    The word 'business' is a derivative of the word 'busy'. One has to be busy like a bee to get success in a business.
    Contrary to the popular belief that there is much competition in getting a job, the fact is that, there is much more competition in becoming successful in a business. There is literal cut throat competition in business and the other businessmen in the surroundings adopt various kinds of tacticts to fail the businesses of others.
    One reason is the trade tricks. Most of the businesses are not run in fair manner. The profits are earned mostly through malpractices like tax evasion, adulteration, under measurement, sale of spurious products etc.
    The individuals who open their business first time are not aware of such trade tricks and start failing after sometime.
    Even keeping patience will not work. Ultimately they will have to learn about the malpractices and adpot the same for getting success.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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