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    Irritating to have rain as "shower bath"

    Yesterday in Hyderabad it was a nasty experience for the road users especially the two wheeler riders who cannot commute properly due to continued rain in the form of shower bath. That means the rain can be tolerated but if you go unprotected without rain coats or umbrella, surely you are going to be drenched in no time. If the rain lashes for few minutes , it will end surely, but if the rain continues to drizzle like shower bath, that is very irritating as the house holds cannot bring the children from the school, office goers had the hell of time navigating vehicle in peak hours traffic jam. Why rains come like shower bath ?
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    During our childhood, we used to come out of our home at the onset of monsoon. We used to immensely enjoy the first rain. I used to think that the dry leaves are welcoming the rain. I felt astonished when immediately after the first rain we could see new plants coming out, the grass immediately becoming green.
    Nowadays, after the rain, we think about the dirty roads and traffic jams.
    The nature has not changed. Our mind-set has changed with the passage of time!

    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Rains etc. are natural phenomenon and the humans have not so far been able to control the weather. The sky, atmosphere, clouds and rains etc. are common to the whole mankind though the earth has been divided in many portions naming the same as a 'country'. The clouds can easily slip though the Indo-Pak border despite high barbed wire fencing and patrolling on earth by the machine guns holding BSF force.
    Rainfall may come in the form of precipitation, drizzle or heavy downpour due to prevailing local wheather conditions. Taking a cue from the nature, nowadays the human have started organizing rain dance. Thus it can be seen that drizzling type of rain has always fascinated the mankind particularly children. The parents have to take care of the children to ensure that they are not catching cold/flu by continuously remaining outdoors enjoying drizzle.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I like rains and I enjoy rain. But after the rain, I don't like to walk on the road as it becomes very dirty. Also the drainage starts flowing on to the road which is nasty and in places were there is no proper roads, it becomes very muddy and difficult to walk. Everyone wants rain and expects rainfall. But once rainy season starts, they start complaining about the heavy rains. So things are happening as it should happen, we humans are only expecting our comforts and nothing else.

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    @ K mohan sir, as this is nature, every body does not have work during rain time, they might enjoy this. As previously we had different life style, just do farming and take rest at evening, no television, no school, no office, but time changes and we have now lots of work, so we are getting irritate due to this rainy season and raining like shower. But school children enjoy, the slum boys who does not have any work they love to dance in this rain. Every thing has a positive and negative aspect. Even I get late for my work and college due to this rain even wearing a rain coat can protect me from getting wet but not easy to drive.

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    Drizzling is better than a strong one or two hour down pour. Through drizzling rain, the earth absorbs the entire rain water. There is no wastage of water. Also, it is a pleasure for one and all to enjoy the shower. There won't be any flood like situation. The climate will be chill and beautiful. If it was an unexpected drizzle, we can't help it. We should bear the nature. If the weather is unpredictable, it is better to carry a rain coat in our vehicles and an umbrella in our hand bags.
    No life without Sun ¤

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