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    Why educated people still drink wine and smoke cigar?

    Everybody know that smoking cigar and drinking wine is injurious to health based on the climatic conditions prevail in our country and as educated people we gain some knowledge and common sense through our education we all well aware of what to do and what not to do but why educated persons are chain smokers and chain drinkers.Why people do have bad habits even though they are educated they believe that nothing will happen if we drink wine and smoke cigar?Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    Mr. Bhushan, I am not advocating drinking or smoking, but I want to ask you a simple question:" Can you survive at Siachen without a drink?" Many people will say many things, but the simple answer is 'No'.

    Moreover, drinking and smoking are addictions. Why are you relating addiction with education?

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    Not only educated people, but everybody knows smoking is injurious to health still people smoke. So comparison between educated and uneducated people in this matter is not required I feel. Coming to the point, educated people smoke for their work pressure and stress from what I have heard. Due to heavy work pressure and other responsibilities they get into smoking and drinking. Other common reason for people to involve in those habits is the trend. They say smoking and drinking is cool and to cope up with their friends, they also start doing it. Not only guys, I have seen so many girls also smoking and drinking.

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    @Partha: Drinking alcohol in cold weather is actually not a good idea, health-wise. Alcohol being a vasodilator, causes blood vessels near the skin to dilate. Blood rushes out from your inner body to your skin's surface. This is dangerous because your body has a natural defence: it keeps your core body temperature higher than your skin temperature. When you "feel" cold on the outside, that's because your body is conserving its heat for the internal organs.

    This means that you "feel" warm because the blood is near your skin, but that blood cools down quickly due to cold air. The warmth also causes sweating, further bringing down body temperature. So all in all, in an effort to feel a little warm, you are bringing your overall body temperature down by having a drink at Siachen, leading to hypothermia.

    @Bhushan: As Partha points out, there is the element of addiction at work here. No amount of education can stop an addiction once it has developed. Apart from this, there are other psychological factors at play. Short-term pleasure is often more preferable to long-term benefit to a lot of people.

    I keep being baffled with why psychology isn't taught at school level. As far as I'm concerned, it's one of the most important disciplines you could learn from, when it comes to understanding human society, and correcting a lot of thinking mistakes.

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    #570677: Recent researches do propagate the theory of harm caused by alcohol in cold weather, but since time immemorial, people take alcohol more in cold countries or regions. The consumption of alcohol is much higher in European countries than in India.
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    Alcohol is being formed by some grains ,grapes ( Yeast+sugar). This is not bad for health if it is taken properly. Major western countries drink alcohol for increase their appetite, where as drinkers take this alcohol just for enjoyment or to avoid tension and depression ( which is a very wrong concept).
    It is not about educated or uneducated, due to habit and increase of toxin in our body most people fall under this bad habituate of drinking alcohol and smoking.
    By the way drinking in small quantity might be good for health ( not for every body as every body's health condition is not same). But smoking is very dangerous as we restrict our heart to purify the blood by pumping bad air in to our body.

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    Smoking as well alcohol consumption, both are addictive in nature. These are bad habits and cause nothing but harm to the human body. While talking about addicitive behaviour, we can see that there are other types of addictive behaviour also like gambling, drug abuse, shopping, sex etc.
    However drinking and smoking are more visible and prevalent kind of addictions. Many people are very fond of eating high calorie food like sweets, deep fried foods and other kinds of junk food which is also a kind of addiction.
    There is no justification of smoking or drinking. The financial implications of such bad habits are phenomenal. It is not only the cost of regular purchase of such items which itself is mind boggling, but it ruins the family at a later stage through the cost of medical treatment involved as a result of abuse of body. Many serious medical conditions develop due to smoking and alcohol consumption which require attention and hospitalization at a later stage.
    Regarding education, there is no correlation between the two. The addiction overpowers education in most of the cases.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I am not wondering by seeing people who are educated well are using cigarettes and wine. But the people with chronic cough are smoking in between their coughing. similarly, many people without having a single pie in hand going to wine shop and of course they will get somebody there to offer drinks. By drinking and drinking they went worse already by their body condition but still they are going to wine shops means what guts make them to do so?

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    If educated people can break the law, why can't they drink or smoke? Trying to co-relate education with individual characteristics will not yield any positive result. I assume that the thread has been raised by the author on the basis of some personal experience and would like to say that we must not form a general opinion by seeing few people around us. Drinking and smoking, as suggested by many above, are individual habits and some people do exceed the limits once they are addicted and that is the time they need psychological care- be it be an educated man or an uneducated one.
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    Just now I have re-checked this thread. The author is talking only about wine and cigar! I earlier talked about all alcoholic beverages and all substances which can be smoked!
    [Hey, Partha! Do you still remember the difference between wine and other alcoholic beverages (whiskey, rum, etc.)? Don't you know the difference between cigar and cigarettes? Have you forgotten what happened when you tried a Havana cigar for the first time near Park Street, Calcutta? Partha, you are forgetting everything which you learnt in your student life!]

    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    I personally opine that for the educated lot who are habitual smoker and drinker, there is a professional compulsion and friends influence to continue smoke and drink even thought the person wants to quit once for all. In MNC and other IT companies, the weeks ends are totally allotted for enjoyment and that includes outing, chill out and naturally smoking too. In fact IT companies must advocate no smoking -no drinking habits among the staff and for that incentives can be given. That way in every office this rule and suggestion may be followed. Slowly smoking and drinking would vanish if all the friends follow the rules in strict adherence.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I don't think consumption of alcohol and cigars have any relation to ones level of education and we can see numerous people addicted to such habits who are not educated otherwise. Of course, once addicted to this habit, they would like to have it in the most stressful situation. Education enlarges the thinking domain and to say that they are not aware of its detrimental effect is not correct. There are instances when some of the sensible people have relinquished this habit with the progress of time. If such a shifting of behaviour from them could be seen, it would be an welcome step.

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    Well, the addiction to smoking and drinking should have nothing to do with the education. We have seen lot many educated individuals having been in the wrong side of the humanity. Equating education with these vices proves nothing.

    I would just treat them as addictions and they remain just that. Those in the high salaried jobs blame it on the stress they go through at the work for indulging in those activities. While the poor blame it on their poverty. The crux of the matter remains that either alcoholism or smoking need a reason - no matter whether the reason is a justified one or not.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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