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    Suggestion to Members: Can we give Certificate of Appreciation to the ME?

    I have joined the site on 23rd September,2015. Immediately after joining this site, I received a welcome message from the ME. Since then, Ms. Vandana, ME, has guided me to understand various aspects of this site. Time and again, she has also tried to give sane advice to this unruly and moody Member. Not only me, the ME has been guiding thousands of new and old Members everyday smilingly (although I have not yet seen her smiling face!). Every month, she develops and organises new contests, examines the entries and announces the results on time. She has been doing this for a fairly long time (much before my joining this site) except for a very brief period of around ten days.

    The ME is extremely popular among the Members. Even those Members who question her judgements regularly, felt rudderless during her absence of ten days.

    As an ordinary member, I raise a proposal of issuing a Certificate of Appreciation and Gratitude to Ms. Vandana, our ME, from the Members.
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    Yes. We can and we should. She highly deserves a certificate of appreciation from all ISCian. A senior most member of ISC who raised to the level of Managing Editor. She is an efficient leader and also a mentor. Though I had difficult times owing to my fault, I appreciate her patience and tolerance in dealing with the issues at ISC. I remember, once I selected her as the best ISCian and awarded a certificate.
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    In gift shop of ISC, one gift -'Certificate of Creativity' is available. I don't think there is any restriction on members to not to send the said gift to any other member of ISC. It is totally up to the member concerned. However there are guidelines about the use of gift feature and the same have to be abide by.
    Appreciation is totally different than flattery or sycophancy.
    It keeps the individuals concerned happy and motivates them to do better.
    However the title of the thread raised by the author is not unambiguous. One part of it talks about - 'Suggestion to Members' and the other part raises the question - 'Can we give Certificate of Appreciation to the ME?'.
    I request the author to further elucidate his point of view. Is it a suggestion or a question?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes, I know Certificate of Creativity' is available in the gift-shop of ISC. But what about 'Gratitude'? Moreover, I am talking about awarding a Certificate to the ME from all Members, not from any individual Member, since the ME has helped and has been helping all Members of this site.
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    Personal gratitude can always be expressed by raising a thread and eulogizing/acknowledging the facts. However I feel that it is the duty and responsibility of the ME to offer guidance and help/assist members in all possible manner.
    Regarding collective expression of the gratitude, I have to say that as far as I am concerned, I would prefer to express the same personally, instead of collectively in a group.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There is nothing like 'Certificate of appreciation' . It is only 'Certificate of creativity'. This certificate is not applicable to ME. If we wish to appreciate her work, we can give her 'Appreciation Gift' which is available in ISC virtual gift shop.
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    Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions and your thoughts for Vandana. She definitely deserve some appreciation from all of us. in fact, we should have thought about this already before anyone recommends!
    Tony John
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    That has been a wonderful idea of yours Partha, and has been aptly taken care of by the Webmasters.
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    I also join to give the certificate of appreciation to ME Vandana who truly deserves from the regulars like me. It is always our Indian custom to reciprocate good things done by others and Vandana truly deserves from every one of us.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Thanks everyone for the heart-warming thought and the subsequent wishes that came with the honour of the special award.
    Managing Editor,

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