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    What is difference between writing things at forum and article section

    My question is for SEO experts.
    Suppose I write an article regarding anything ( health, computer , finance), but if I write the same thing at forum, is there any difference? Do we get same traffic from search engine.? Or as article is design with different category it would be easy for the reader? Is there any other logic behind for not posting article type of content in forum section?
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    A very good question raised by the author. I am equally interested in knowing the answers of the query raised.
    One difference which I have noticed is the use of HTML tags in the articles which are not used in the forum section. Moreover there are word limits also. In articles section, minimum and maximum suggested lengths are 500 and 1500 words respectively which is not the case in forum section. Sometimes we see only a single sentence posted as a thread or a response in the forum section.
    The articles editors are concerned about the asthetics aspect also, whereas in forum section, there is no such criteria.
    The level and quality of language used also varies. In forum section, we often see contents with many spellings and grammar errors.
    It appears that the forum section is more like a learning and practicing platform.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    #570695: I have frequently used html tags in my Forum posts also, although ME generally discourages using tags. Otherwise I fully agree with the views expressed by Mr. Kailash Kumar in this regard. Articles are generally formal, but Forum posts are more informal in nature.
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    I also sometimes use 'italic' tag in my forum contents particularly when words of languages other than English are used. However in my post #570695, by HTML tags, I meant all HTML tags which are permitted to be used in the articles section.
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    The key difference is - Forum is like a beautiful fish market with cheap posts and responses including irrelevant and inappropriate responses with no restriction to the words used and without any much control by the editors, while Article section is like a decent mall with better/best quality articles with word limit prescribed and with strict editing by editors. We can interact in forum section, but we cannot interact much in Article section.
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    Definitely forum threads can also get traffic too. You can use the same technique as for an article, namely, putting a good title with a keyword in it. I do this even for contest announcements!

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    I suppose you could do that.
    But there's word limit.
    Otherwise I see no difference.
    When I arrived here first time, I wrote two articles and they got deleted because of "poor" content.
    I got dejected really.

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