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    Things to be noted before throwing out these items

    Everyday we are throwing out many items as wastage. But some care should be taken before throwing items.
    • Whenever we throw our waste items in to dustbin we have to check once again as we might have dump some usable items unknowingly or our children would have put some useful items playfully.
    • Most Important thing is whenever we intend to throw the unused tablets; initially we can give them, if long expiry date is there, to the nearby homes or Ashrams before consulting them. Next if there is no chance of that and if the tablets are expired then we should not throw them as it is on any account directly into dustbin or roadside as there are possibilities of passerby children would take them and swallow . Instead we should dissolve in water and put it into gutter/toilet. (I have seen this once, grabbed them from the children and put into the nearby stagnated water and waited till they get dissolved).
    • Similarly another danger is throwing the unused shaving blades into dustbin or keeping in open place. Blades are sharper than a sword. Since there are more dangerous chances of children would play with them as if shaving like father. Throwing the blades into dustbin is also very dangerous as they are causing death to thousands of innocent animals. When an animal eats the garbage blade stuck into its throat and suffers extreme pain and ultimately dies. Instead of throwing the blades collecting them after seeing them unused into a box separately and once the box filled (approximately reached one kilogram weight in a five years time when daily shaving) bury them by keeping wrapped in a paper two to three feet below the soil and will not harm anyone.
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    Throwing used shaving blades is also dangerous for animals.
    For an example- we through our wastage food in municipality dustbin where we through saving blade also, if that food consumed by animal like dog or cow , if the blade get struck their throat they can not even say to any one and get died.
    So please careful and never through your used blades in to dustbin, keep it in a small box and through either with that box or wrapping with a paper.

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    There are many important factors associated with proper garbage disposal. Some of the tips in this regard are as follows -
    1. Use re-usable cloth bags for shopping. Disposal of thin plastic bags in dustbin is harmful for animals. Such bags get obstructed in the stomach of the animals on chewing.
    2. Use water to dampen matches, lighters, fireworks or cigarette butts etc. to prevent risk of fire.
    3. Drain any excess liquid from any bottle/container to be disposed.
    4. Wrap any hazardous material like broken glass, cutting/shaving blades, needles etc. in thick paper etc.
    5. Disposable diapers should be disposed in a bag after flushing feces down the toilet.
    7. In case od waste electronic garbage like computers/laptops or batteries, the manufacturer/dealer should be consulted before its disposal.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Waste Management is also a important subject for which every house hold must be prepared and practiced. It is true that our waste would be a nuisance or even damage others and if that happens there can be reverse case on us. So all the waste must be gathered in one basket or grain bag and then disposed off in a dust bin. In Hyderabad we have two types of garbage lifting practice. One is called Thadi cheththa. That means wet wastage and that contents have mix of water. The next one is Podi Chethha , that means the dry wastage which may include any particles or products rejected as waste without having water content. So the waste segregated at home itself.
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    In simple words waste disposal also should be done very carefully as to not cause harm to others directly at least.
    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    You mentioned some useful points Mr. Ramachandran Pattabiraman. But, many people are not following these things. Some of them know the consequences but they don't care. Such people should change.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Mr. Pattabiraman has raised a really relevant thread. I request all Members to read it.
    So far as unused tablets are concerned, I have noted (since my association with a Science Club in Kolkata in late eighties) that if we give those tablets to the Pharmacists, in many cases they sell such tablets even after the expiry date to such people who can't and who don't check the expiry dates of tablets. This creates another type of risk. Such event happens not only in rural areas, but also in urban localities.

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