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    How many of you taking care on homework of your children?

    Once the children reach homes from school they ought to goes to play. We as a parent should not prevent them from doing so and silently we should let them do as they like. After six o clock in the evening we should make them scheduled to clean their hands, legs and should sit for study and doing homework.

    • Parents, either father or mother should sit with the children (irrespective of age) as to know whether they finish their homework or not. This should be done in a friendly manner and not as checking them. Many parents nowadays leaving their children into compulsory tuition by forgetting a thing that the children should study or practice writing even after returning from tuition. Most of the parents do not see the children's study in the guess they are giving full freedom or they should get everything done by themselves.

    • Parents should talk jovially with the children about the happenings in the school/college daily in the evening. Here the children has no age bar and level of education. All children from LKG/Pre KG to college and even son/daughter going for job also should be considered like this. They should make sit together for dining in the night dinner with all family members and should spare discussing jovially. This is not a new as our own earlier practice and thereby our elders lived a peaceful life.
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    A good thread! My daughter is presently studying in XI-th standard. Still now, I help her homework in English, Physics, Chemistry and partly in Home Science. However, so far as Biology is concerned, I can't help her much. But I help her collecting information from internet.
    I am helping my daughter in her homework since she took admission in school (2005).

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    I am taking care of my nephew but as a part time teacher.Now days the study pattern is very different than my timing, still I enjoy that as there is new technique to teach them, and there books are very interesting. But I am afraid whether I can teach him at later stage or not.
    Because the course is little complicated for me.

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    As far as tutoring children is concerned, that depends on the education level, knowledge, aptitude and the time schedule of the parents. In case both the parents are working and reaching home in the evening after 6 or 7 PM fully exhausted due to day long schedule, it may not be possible for them to tutor the children daily. Also sometimes even a postgraduate mother having completed MA in sociology may find it difficult to explain even the basic concepts of science to the child. Teaching mathematics which is perhaps most important is not a cup of tea of all the parents. Similarily the parents who have themselves studied in municipal schools may face difficulties in teaching English to public school going children
    However leaving aside the subject tutoring part, the parents can play a very important role in children's studies by interacting with them on daily basis on studies related subject matter and can always offer general guidance about being regular in studies etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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