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    Up to what extent one should interfere in other's personal life?

    All individuals have their own personal life. It can be said to be a sum of their personal choices and preferences which define their personal identity.
    Personal life of the individuals is associated with the way they dress, the food they eat, their cultural interests, hobbies and leisure activities etc.
    Many prefer to read books, listen to music or watch television shows or enjoy movies. Many others choose outdoor activities walking, jogging, cycling or playing some sport/game.
    Few people have habit of interfering in other's personal life.
    Do you like such interference in your personal life?
    Up to what extent one should interfere in other's personal life?
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    Very simple. One should not interfere in somebody's personal life out side the family. Within a family, family members can interfere in their own family member's personal life. A husband can interfere in wife's life. Wife can interfere in husband's life. Father and mother can interfere in their children's life. Children can interfere in parent's life. Here it should not be considered as interference but caring and well being.

    Exemption is - Brother and sister can interfere in their personal life prior to marriage, but not after their marriage, because they have their own care takers. Any interference would cause serious damage to the sister's/brother's family.

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    I think some people take the liberty of interfering in others life by virtue of their experience or being elder to the advising person. In fact there are people who are longing to meet us and tell their personal problems and seek solutions. Once I had been to my friends house and I made a call to him to seek his availability. But by the time I went, he had been to nearby shop to fetch groceries. I am not familiar with his wife and hence I felt not to wait and proceed. But wife seems to know my close friendship with her husband and she asked me to sit and started telling their personal problem. I was really shocked as for the time I meeting her but she seems to be convinced with my behavior and politeness and hence revealed the personal problem faced by them. Surely I also responded with a definite solution to which she was happy and by that time her husband and my friend came. On hearing the solution from his wife, he also felt relieved. So here the interference was forced on me.
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    When any advice is sought and solution is offered, then it cannot be said to be interference.
    Interference takes place when people start offering comments without asking e.g. one may comment about the tight dresses being worn by the younger generation.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    As far as possible , one should not interfere in others affairs unsolicited.
    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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