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    Doubt about photographic memory - myth or truth?

    I have many times heard about that 'photographic memory' which helps a person to remember a page exactly in visual format. Is it ever possible? how?
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    Ironically enough the photographic memory generally means an ability to recall page or text numbers in great detail without visual or pictorial component. The ability to capture almost replica of images like a snapshot or photograph of an event in the memory and recall the same later is known as 'eidetic memory'.
    Only after a few instances of exposure, the people having 'eidetic memory' are able to vividly recall images from their memory.
    Eidetic memory is generally found only in young children, not in adults.

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    Not only 'photographic memory', we also hear the phrase 'elephantine memory' to indicate memory of a person who can remember and quote very old incidents. Our present President Shri Pranab Mukherjee is said to have elephantine memory.
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