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    Information update of Universities-improvement of 'Universities' sub-section

    During the last few days, I have been going through various sub-sections of ISC which I used to neglect earlier. Two such sub-sections are 'My India' sub-section and 'Universities' sub-section. I feel that these two sub-sections immediately require improvement in terms of content. I feel that the 'Universities' sub-section needs more content, simply because ISC is an educational website.

    I suggest that ISC Management may initiate a project and entrust 20-25 Editors and active Members to update the information in respect of Indian Universities and other Institutions of higher learning in India. A time-frame of 30 days may be fixed. Even 25% improvement of content in respect of all listed Universities and other Institutions of higher learning will make ISC a much more prestigious and reliable website.

    Webmasters and the Managing Editor may kindly consider this suggestion.
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    I do concur with the idea floated by the author. Every year new universities are getting added and the existing universities are adding new courses. Such information can be had from the websites of the concerned universities. Admission notices published by the various universities can also be referred for updating the information.
    Some universities are not updating even their own websites immediately. I remember sometime back, for answering a question raised in the ask expert section, I carried out extensive research , but could not find the answer. The question was about admission procedure in M.Tech. course of Anna University for candidates who had qualified GATE, but are domicile of other states. The university website had plethora of infrmation regarding M.Tech. admission process, but the sought information was no where made available directly .

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The Webmasters are very much aware of the need to update the contents of all sections and not just the ones you have mentioned. That is precisely the reason why they set up a content development team and regularly invite members to join the team via forum announcements. We are dealing with one section at a time, starting with the courses database and the study abroad section. In due course of time the universities section too will get updated with good content. In the meanwhile, we are getting very good updated info from the updates submission feature in schools, colleges, My India & universities section too. You & other members are always welcome to submit updates to help improve the sections.

    Managing Editor,

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    One request to members submitting updates: Do not simply provide updated information of contact numbers, address, website, etc. Please provide good quality descriptive content too of the school/college/place of My India section. Without descriptive content, the page remains devoid of quality and hence we give only points & no cash credits for such updates.
    Managing Editor,

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    Noted Madam. I will try to give detailed information in respect of districts of West Bengal.
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