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    Subscribe and get updates!

    There is one thing which I am really enjoying in ISC and it may appear to be a very simple thing.It is the option of subscribe to thread and get updates!
    I rally wait eagerly for notifications from ISC members regarding any thread I may have raised in the forum and enjoy reading the responses,be they positive or corrective in nature.
    In the beginning,I never really saw that option but once it came to my notice,I have been using it for each and every thread of mine.Members,do you also use.this option of ISC?
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    Yes, I do use the option. This is the option which tells us what other Members are thinking on a subject-thread on which I responded, or the thread which I raised earlier. This is really a good option.
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    It is good that you are doing what you must be doing! Subscribing to threads that you raise ensures that you follow your thread and the same is not orphaned. It is very important to follow up a thread not only to know what others are saying but also to intervene and regulate if need arises. You can also subscribe to other threads that interests you so that you remain in touch with the section and is in the know how of what is happening around. By the by, have you subscribed to the GD thread that is active now?
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    Saji Ganesh Sir,I had not subscribed to the active GD thread but will do so now.GD's are also very interesting and need to be followed continuously.
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    It is indeed a very useful feature of forum section for keeping track on the developments regarding ongoing discussion on any particular thread.
    One has to nurture and take care of the thread, instead of only raising the same. Though perhaps there is no direct correlation between the quality/level of thought and number of responses received, but it do feels satisfying and good in receiving more responses.
    It is like movies which receive more box office collections in case of touching popular themes, unlike the art films which are able to get only appreciation and in rare cases prizes also.

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    Yes, Subscribing to the thread is very useful as we can track the responses we get. I used to subscribe to my threads earlier but these days, I would just post it in a hurry without subscribing and hence I would not know the responses received from members on those threads. I will again start practising to subscribe to the threads.

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    I do agree that by opting for subscribe tick, then you will be queued with all the responses. At one time your alert box would be full and overflowing. Better to clear off the alerts and be in touch with the latest one.
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    I always use that tick to subscribe, so that I will be aware what is the suggestion of other member regarding that forum or topic. Because if I answer in one forum, I will not able to get to know whether it was the final answer or anything has been added, until I visit that forum again, so it is always advised and better to subscribe the thread. Even you can find an alert whether you get some answer regarding your post or not?
    Also I do my first task at ISC is visit my alerts then I move to other section or new post.
    So that I can complete my previous post as well as get to know various comments from other member regarding a particular topic.

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    Frankly writing. Sorry, I don't use this option as my memory power is good and I have time to get into my own thread or to see responses to my response. By subscribing to the thread, the alert box becomes full, and I don't like to see my alert being filled with dozens of messages. It takes time to click and read . Instead, I carefully watch the forum index. So far I never failed to respond to anything that is of my concern. I am more alert than the ISC alert.
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    I thank the author for raising this thread. I don't even know there is a subscribe feature. I will try to use it from now.

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