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    Why some men's keep flower behind the ear in temples?

    If you observe in movies actors in temples or in real time in temples when pujari given a flower to female person they put it in hair and male gender will put it behind the ear. What is the reason they put flower behind the ear is it for a decoration like the female gender keep on hair or what could be the reason that male gender keep the flower behind the ear. Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    I split into laughter after reading this post. If flowers are given to the women coming to temple, they would certainly keep it on their heads, when men also accompany them, the priest would given them flowers and they cannot keep them on the head , instead keeping behind ears is recommend. One more explanation can also be given for this. In front of God, we should not feel intelligent and smart, so by sporting a flower behind the ear is normally referred as innocent or Buddhoo in Hindi. May be for that reason people want to keep the flowers deliberately behind their ears. Otherwise if they pass to their wife would be perfectly alright.
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    The flowers or any such object offered by the priest as 'prasadam' should be revered and has to occupy the highest possible place. In case of males after head, the ears are the highest possible place where a flower can be fastened. This appears the logical explanation of the custom pointed out by the author. Since males generally have short hairs, the objects cannot be fastened in the hairs. Even the males suffering from baldness also can do so.
    However, it is not an universal practice. In north India , I have not seen people doing so in temples.
    Customs and traditions vary from region to region and even localaity to locality also. Even within the same city, different rituals are observed in different temples. Also within the same temple, different devotees from different places may observe different practices.
    There is neither any room for comparion of such rituals/practices, nor perhaps there is any need for discussion on such matters.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Just imagine a bald guy receives a flower as a Prasad from the Poojari. Can he place it between the hair, like the ladies who have a hairpin on their head to secure the flower? No. So it is ideal for not only the bald but any male who have hair, to keep the holy flower offered as a prasad, on their ear gap to respect it. There cannot be any other reason for holding the flower over the ears.
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