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    Which is the fastest vegetable seed that yield faster?

    When I was in childhood in summer season at my home there is a huge vacant land so what I did I dig or plough the land like the cotton crop I sow the lady finger seed in a line(which is not need for this crop) less than 3 days they started sprouts daily morning I woke up and saw how much bigger it grown and pour water on the sprouts after 2 months we do have lot of lady fingers grown in that area.What are the other vegetable seeds which will grow faster and yield us a crop?Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    If you opt for leafy vegetable then, methi is the fastest growing from seed to leaves like wise if you want fast vegetable, then opt for tomato seed which can give you yield very fast say in 15 days.
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    Some of the fastest growing vegetables are as follows -
    1. Radishes - Within 25 to 30 days one can harvest gorgeous radishes.
    2. Green onions - Green onions can be harvested in three to four weeks.
    3. Peas - Only after 60 days fully grown pods appear ready to be harvested.
    4. Turnips - After 60 days turnips become ready to be harvested, but only after 45 days its edible tender leaves can be cut off and used for making salads and soups.
    Ladies finger, brinjals, tomatoes, green chillies, coriander leaves etc. are some of the other fast growing vegetables which I have myself grown during different periods (years) at different places in India.

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    Please mention the seasons also so that it is very useful .
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    You can grow cucumber, which is grow very fast with in 2-3 month, also the fruit come in every alternate day after once started growing. Also you can have lots of cucumber with in 4-6 month, even you can plant mint leaf which is no need of any personal caring and it is very helpful for our stomach and digestion, so these two things can be grown in your unused land as farming and it will really save some of your shopping expenses, as well as it keeps you engage for sweating and physical exercise.
    The main advantage is you are getting organic vegetables which is very help ful fr a better health.

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