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    Selfie is being trends and lot of Accidental news ?

    Selfie is being trends and lot of Accidental news we saw daily . Its being excess usage of Selfie . Lot of stories. Can you share your story here which happen to your near by.
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    Two weeks back I had been to famous Golconda fort along with my family and children. There I have seen people are taking lots of selfies from the corner of the fort and a small slip would prove to be fatal. I even asked one person as to why he came to this fort. He simply said that it is situated on the hill and overlooking the wonderful city and that gives breath taking views form the top and he seems to updating the images for every 10 steps he goes up and takes the vantage point to take selfie and update the social media. Such is the craze of public to take photos but not interested to know the main history and importance of the places they are visiting.
    K Mohan
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    Only in the month of April, 2016 we had discussion about the subject matter in the following thread -
    Social media causing "Selfi-a craze" which results in deaths of many.
    Even prior to that there had been many discussions which can be seen by using search feature of the ISC.
    We had discussed the statistics about Selfie deaths and 'No Selfie Zones' also in the above thread . However despite penetration of the craze of selfie so much, the number of deaths are fortunately very few.
    Nowadays there is a trend of marking certain important points as 'Selfie Points' at major tourist attractions and people are seen making queues for the same.
    Not only at tourist places, nowadays we find people taking Selfies at restaurants, malls and even on roads.
    Generally I ignore such crazy individuals and proceed ahead.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I do not have any special incident of accident near by me for selfie taking, but I have seen in news that a girl fallen from the light house and died. That is really sad, so during taking selfie at risk place please be cautious, or else without any disease or road accident you might die with no cause.

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