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    Do you think most of the companies distribute bonus and Performance pay as per actual performance?

    Do you think most of the companies distribute bonus and Performance pay as per actual performance? I think there is no any automatic calculation involved its just based on upper management decision.
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    There is always partiality followed and there is no transparency while distributing the bonus. Prior to issuing bonus the company would make the list of performing and proven employees who were sincere, hard working and late goers to the home. Such employees are always preferred by the management and they get the fat covers. I have also seen that some employees get separate bonus covers over and above the normal issues made before other employees. In every office some people enjoy the confidence of the management and they are surely taken care of and I personally feel that bonus is not given on profit sharing ratio of the companies.
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    I have to share one fact related to the subject matter. In the central Government, 6th pay commission recommendations were implemented in the year 2008. One of the recommendation was that increment @ 4% will be given to outstanding performers instead of @ 3% as in the routine case. Now the seventh commission report has also been implemented in the year 2016, but the recommendation of sixth pay commission regarding performance linked increment could not took shape as it could not be finally decided as to what constitutes outstanding performance.
    Thus at least in central Government, performance could not be linked to the financial benefits.
    Regarding the private companies also, the people expecting financial recognition of their performance may be getting disappointed in certain or most of the cases due the fact that outstanding performance as perceived by them, may not actually be an outstanding performance in the eyes of the top management.
    If one's contribution increases the profit share of the company, only then he/she becomes eligible for consideration of financial benefits like bonus or increment/out of turn promotion etc.

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    This is one area where we can always expect some bias, favouritism and nepotism.

    Unless and until someone is par excellent that it is not possible to suppress that fact, all real performers may not get their real due. Known non-performers will be given incentives and benefits if they are able to manipulate things in their favour. After a few years at least in career, people get to hear a word 'Godfather". Those who don't have a Godfather may be left out however good performer he is.
    Equality and fairness are there for general talk and ornamental lectures. There are many other reasons too which are applied in performance incentives etc. When the amount available is large real performers will be getting some crumbs where as the edible flesh will go to others.

    If anyone has different experience, I will be happy and feel that are lucky and blessed.
    George Orwell's saying " All are equal, but some are more equal than others" still holds good and I am sure, will continue to hold good.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    I am 100% sure although I can not prove it, whether it is a private based company or public sector organization, no where distribution of bonus as per the actual performance. There is huge difference and as there is no thumb rule formula it is purely decided by the upper level management team. And they choose the person or the bonus distribution level, also there is no way to know the truth behind this calculation or the amount they distributed to the employee.
    So it is always suggested stay happy with your bonus amount and as boss is always right, do not try to ask about the discrimination about actual should be and the offered.

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