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    Are the other mangoes are not worth to give cash.

    In the recent contest on Me,a mango, as per the winner announcement, other threads too will be credited with cash but when I checked my thread few times, I found there is no enhancement of points or cash and thought mine was not worth to give cash credit. But today when I check other few threads too, the same thing is there. Hence I thought as the season is over, other mangoes are not worth to pay.
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    Apologies for the delay. I do keep promises! I honestly just got busy with other things & could not find time to credit the cc for the entries as was decided on. Will do so today as, very truthfully, have kept that contest announcement tab open alongside to remind me to deal with it asap.

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    Yah! I got 10 points and Rs 10 cash credit for my wisdom fruit. Wisdom fruit is the only ever permanent fruit on this earth which is held with Lord Sri Ganesh. All fruits will become rotten or will be eaten, but wisdom fruit remains fresh forever. Now I realise that the fruit can also fetch a sum of Rs. 10 from ISC.
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