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    Benefits of sharing our articles in social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    Well friends, this is a question I am putting to the experts in AdSense. Should we or should not we, share our approved articles through our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts? Are there any benefits in terms of AdSense revenue? I joined the AdSense program, some 3 months back. Through the StatCounter tool I am now able to monitor the traffic to my articles. So, I was wondering, whether sharing it on the social sites will be beneficial or not?

    Experts please advice.
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    It is not advisable to do excessive sharing of articles via social network platforms as it may be considered as spamming. In fact, quite a few publishers have found out at month-end a debit of some $$ in their AdSense earnings on the grounds of invalid clicks. Such clicks, it seems, were likely to have been originated from traffic that came in from social sites. So, as far as possible, let the traffic be organic, that is, come naturally via search engines.

    In this regard, you can refer to this relevant AE thread:

    (Note: once in a while, if important, we can give the URL in text form of a post at Techulator & hence providing it here)

    Managing Editor,

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    As far as I guess, AdSense revenue is linked to the number of clicks on the ads displayed on the pages portraying articles etc. It is presumed that more the people visit the articles page, more will be the chances of getting the displayed ads clicked. Thus all possible efforts are made to achieve the target of getting the ads clicked. Sharing the articles on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Google+ etc, is attendant with the expectations that more and more people linked to the author on their social sites, may visit the article of the author.
    However despite, all such efforts the AdSense revenue trickles in only very painstakingly.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Previously we were sharing the articles and even forum threads in the social media. But that was discouraged by the ISC administration and I stopped sharing in the Facebook. But I do give the links of heading to the Twitter account.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    From the above message of Vandana madam, I am confused.
    I have read many articles although good key word can bring organic traffic, but we should share our articles or post in social networking so that we can get good traffic. If that is bad then why blogger .com ( which is blog of Google who deal with adsense also) have kept sharing button on below each post).
    I do not think there is any adverse effect on Google adsense if we share our article once through our social networking web site.
    There is nothing illegal . But I think only a person who is working with Google adsense or who are having huge experience in adsnese account can share the real truth.

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