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    Elders should not smoke or drink in front of small children as they try to ape.

    The children in the age group of 2 to five are very naughty and they are always on the look out for some nuisance or the other and they are keen to learn the wrong things first. So it is therefore imperative that elders who are habituated to smoking and drinking should not practice the same at least in front of small children. More over cigarettes and drinks should be kept out of reach of children as they have the tendency to ape the elders what they have done. One of my friends neighbor son who was just 2 years old has started aping the father and thus the entire family is worried now.
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    I completely agree with Mr. Mohan. Elders must not smoke and drink in front of the children. Every child try to imitate the elders. So, the children try to imitate this harmful habit also. I am telling this from my personal experience.
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    It is not just a question of aping. The children around smoking parents/individuals are subjected to passive smoking also. Passive smoking is inhaling of smoke, called second hand smoke by persons who are not actually active smokers.
    Second hand smoke also causes diseases like cardiovascular ailments, lung cancer and respiratory problems etc.
    Children are particulaly vulnerable as conditions like asthama, tooth decay, middle ear infection, slowed lung grow, allergies and even sudden infant death syndrome have been reported.
    In India, it is estimated that there are 12 crore smokers. Highest number of people smoke in the state of Jammu and Kashmir where about 26.6% people smoke.
    Regarding aping by the children, it is not only smoking. They tend to ape anything. Therefore the parents have to particularly sensitive about what to do and what not in presence of the kids.

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    This is a good method to keep away from drinks and smoking. But I have seen in many defense parties, the person do not hesitate to drink and smoke in front of wives, other ladies or kids. As I know they are the most disciplined person in life, then how can they do such silly mistake? If they can do it in front of their wives, can I granted as it is not bad .
    Many of my friends whose parents are from defense personnel, they never afraid to drink at their home, some of them drink in front of their parents and some of them drink at home behind tehir parents, but parents are aware about that matter.
    Should not their children learn drinking and smoking is injurious to health.

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