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    Why latest Hindi films are heavily banking on third rate lyrics which has double meaning ?

    Being the witness to transformation, I am really peeved at the way the Hindi film movies are not concentrating in providing good lyrics and music to every movie. Gone are the days when the pictures used to be watched and re watched just for the sheer goodness of lyrics and music. Now the latest songs are having vulgar lyrics with double meaning and elders are slowly shying away from the Hindi films. Surely Hindi movie makers must ponder over their ability and make some deep thinking else the Hindi films would be doomed.
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    I don't think the Hindi film industry is going to be "doomed" any time soon, considering it is consistently making more money than it has ever before in the past.

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    It is not a question of Hindi or Kannada or Telugu movie. All movies across the board are commercial ventures and are produced for earning money as a profit. Therefore they serve on the platter what the people demand.
    Music and various dance forms were a means of entertainment since ages, much before the advent of movies. In south India 'devdasis' used to perform Bharatanatyam in temples. During the Mughal era, there used to be courtesans known as 'tawaif' who used to perform in music, 'mujra' (dance) and theatre etc. In North India, there used to be 'nautch' (dance) girls.
    There are many dance/theater forms like 'lavani' in Maharashtra and 'nautanki' in the villages and towns of northern India.
    I think before advent of Bollywood movies, 'nautanki' was the biggest entertainment medium in the rural areas of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar etc.
    The same tradition is being continued by the movies nowadays.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Film going is no more a family outing as it was. Now the majority who go to theatres are young and singles, or those still romancing. They can get the entertainment they look for in a film. Double meaning dialogues become embarrassing when one is in a familiar and mixed audience. That case does not come now as those who need can have their own private view of the film by DVD or internet download. In that exclusivity there is no embarrassment of viewing a scene with words or scenes which may be embarrassing if viewed as a family.

    It is the success of such films that make the makers go for more of such movies.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    @ K mohan sir, you must have seen bahuballi which neither having nudity, violence, , vulgar scene or dance, not even no dual meaning dialogues, but this became the biggest ever movie in both south Indian industry as well as Bollywood.
    But still also we witness the huge demand of kissing scene by Emraam hasmi by Bollywood audience, ( for which he is famous as serial kisser in Bollywood). Now tell me when audience want such things why Producer or director will not insert such scene or dual meaning dialogue to make profit by increasing the audience level. Now days you must have seen most of big budget movies getting controversy either for story, or for issue by actor or by any kind of scene, all these are just stunt of publicity to make film popular and to make more profit.

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    Why I am peeved because of a song in Sultan which has the lyrics
    Husko base pasand hai. In some sites it is written as bass pasand hai. But the intention is clear.

    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! It is how we look at things & how we perceive them! For example - an innocuous peck on the cheek can be perceived in different ways. It can be fatherly, brotherly or simply friendly affection and can be something like flirtatious too. The same thing applies for a hug too.

    Regarding that shying away from watching HIndi films with children, Mohan, today's generation is much smarter than our generation as they 've access to a lot more sources than we had. They sure know about birds & bees at a much younger age than ours. And, why should not they be? The sooner they understand their well being & responsibilities the better it is.

    Now, the movie watchers like those type of songs that is why the movie makers include that type of songs in their movies. As simple as that. Regarding the movie 'Sultan', it has made around 150 Cr in just four days only. Moolah is the only thing which counts nowadays, so 150 Cr in just four days tells the whole story.

    The problem is with us older guys who are not living in the present days mentally. We still like the old songs of Md Rafi, Kishore etc & don't like the present day songs of Yo Yo or Diljit Dosanjh or Abhijeet. Have you ever heard the song -Tumhe apna banane ka junoon sir pe hai...........?. I bet you have not. Listen to it and it will change your perceptions, which is very much the need of the hour.

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    @K Mohan: I'm a little baffled, actually. I'm pretty sure the song is about a woman who loves bass. What meaning are you deriving out of it?

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    Well, my question would be - why are those songs becoming chartbusters? That clearly shows the kind songs and dialogues have demand. As long as there is a demand for those types of songs, film makers will keep churning out such things one after the other. The need of the hour would be to protest against them. And protest in a good number - through a good number of channels.

    Unless that is done, you will have no escape from those nasty dialogues and songs.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    The double meaning songs are not new into Hindi movie. we have seen in the past too. However, music is something it keep changing it taste by the choice of the public. However, I would never say that good songs are not generated. In fact with good lyrics and music still continuing. Yes, we do have change the way we used to see because the cheap songs are in quantities. Which just comes and goes. Also, the choice of music is subjective, if you do not like some songs, just avoid it.
    "Any man who stands for progress has to criticize, disbelieve and challenge every item of the old faith." - Sardar Bhagat Singh

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    Perhaps most of the movie watchers ( others too) are hypocrites. They say something on the face due to social complusions, though may not actually be followers of the same internally.
    The successful actors/actresses know the human weaknesses of the audience and behave accordingly on the screen and let the audience enjoy by rendering 'paisa vasool' (value for money) performance.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I don't think that Hindi Film Industry is likely to be doomed in the near future since it has a firm base of viewers and with the time, their strength has swelled up. So this clearly indicates that the charisma of the Hindi Films from the minds of viewers is not likely die out so easily. Other films such as Tamil, Oriya, Kannada, Bengali etc have the limited viewers mostly confined to their region and hence there is no question of these regional films being superior in terms of popularity. In Hindi Films, the viewers of all states have joined their hands to strengthen its foundation.
    However, the producers and directors of Hindi Film should pay attention to the quality and theme of stories so as to retain its position what it enjoyed in the past.

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    Those who have extra brain will surely create double meaning out of anything. The filth is in our brain not in the song. If you consider any song not fit then you must not listen it. Creating unnecessary arguments like it has double meaning only shows the filth in the listeners mind.

    These kind of songs are surely popular among masses which is the reason they are superhit. The problem is people listen to these songs and show their hypocrisy by blaming the lyrics. In olden times too such songs were created but then nobody created any nuisance. There were many old songs like "chadhti jawani meri chaal mastani" which were by no means decent but still people relished them.

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    These days, not only Hindi movies but also Telugu (my mother tongue) etc,. movies are having songs with such lyrics. But, it is more frequent in case of Hindi movies as far as I know (watched about 10 recent popular Hindi movies and found such words in all of them). One of the above response states that the filth is in the viewer's mind. I disagree. Almost all the movie viewers understand double meanings and some of them even like such meanings. So, movie makers are including such things in their movies. If movie makers stop doing this, it will be good for everyone and movies can be viewed with our families.

    Let us continue learning.

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