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    I was chosen as member of the year award -2015 in Dotnetspider website.

    As there is drought in awards category for me in India study channel website but it is quite contrast in Dotnetspider website as the awards are raining here as I selected as a member of the year award -2015 in Dotnetspider website. I thank to Dns editorial team, Webmasters ,Raghav sir and Tony sir for giving me this award.This is my second award as a member of the year. my award list incremented to 8 with this award in this website.
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    Congratulations Bhushan and keep up the good work.

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    Congratulations, Mr. Bhushan! Great to hear about your recognition! Continue your performance in the sister site and also in ISC.
    Best wishes!

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    Congratulations Bhushan on that achievement. Hope to see the same kind of performance in ISC and other sister sites of the network.

    Keep up the good work.

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    Congratulations Bhushan on receiving member of the year award. May you win many more awards like this.

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    First of all I would like to congratulate you fr your achievement.
    Hard work always gives good result, so as per your hard work and participation at dotnet spider, you have been chosen as member of the year, I found that ISC and its sister sites always give good awards and reorganization to its members.

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    My heartiest congratulations for the Member of the year 2015 award received by you. What a great achievement and recognition !

    My question is: Should it take 6 months to award such a prestigeous award to a member.

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    It depends on the quality of resources and quality of response to the question posed by other members in forum section but my pivotal or lion share in Dns website is in resource posting as I posted more than 75 resources. This is the second time I am receiving this honor. As I received Dns Most Valuable Member and Dns Member of the year twice(2013 ,2015).

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    My heartiest congratulations for this prestigious reward. Hope, you would maintain this dynamic spirit in the days to come so that we would witness quality contributions from your end.

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    Without knowing much about the sister website of the ISC- 'Dotnetspider', I whole heartedly congratulate Bhushan on his distinguished achievement of winning the 'member of the year award ' second time.
    I don't think any member was awarded 'member of year' second time in ISC.
    I have developed a special bond with Bhushan because of his 'out of box' thinking instinct and thoroughly enjoy submitting response to his unique threads in the ISC forum section.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Thank you for your acknowledgement Kailash sir. Whenever I posted a message in the forum section first I will see whether Kailash sir has responded to the question or not. Because you have a very good knowledge on all aspects and you are master of all trades.
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    Congrats for getting the Member of the year award and that is great going at DNS. But getting a award at ISC is not that easy by virtue of so many active members doing active contributions. Tell me how many members were there in DNS and how you have ranked there. Being small spider site, the membership would be less, the income from ads may be more due to technical site, and thus paves way for awards and rewards. Even when I was in 8 spider sites previously, I was leading in all got rewards , awards and cash prizes. But when it comes to ISC, this is All India Competition and only the fittest would get the recognition and award.
    K Mohan
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    Congratulations Mr. Bhushan for winning the member of the year 2015 award in Dot Net Spider site. I am not a member of that site but I saw your contributions. They are great. Hope you win many more awards like this one.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Congratulations Mr. Bhushan for adding another achievement. I have no idea about Dot Net Spider site but it is sure that you are doing great there.
    Wish for many more such awards for you in future.


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    Congrats Bhushan. Getting recognition in DNS is not a small thing and I can visualise your efforts to retain your position. Keep it up. In ISC also, you can do better.

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