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    Mega Serials are not having any Human Values.......

    Hello Friends,
    Today I wish to say how mega serials in all languages are spoiling human minds. They show all imaginary which can't be done in real life. Many follow these as role models. I think watching mega serials is waste of time, because they teach all kind criminal ideas. Earlier our grand parents would narrate some moral stories to us and when they have time they used to read some HOLY books, but now all grand parents sit in front of TV watching serials with them even children watch and learn all kind of evil ideas from television. I strongly feel that all shows should be watched in afternoon when the child is in school, because all channels repeat their shows again in the afternoon also. [I PREFER ESPECIALLY NOT TO WATCH ONLY] they give all kind of ideas where it is spoiling even elderly people at home. I no its not possible but I feel everybody should stop watching such meaningless stories.........
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    I never watch those serials - be it mega serials or regular ones. They just glorify everything - not only evil,but the normal situations too are shown in a glorified manner.

    I do not like the serials neither does my wife ( and that is great thing in our home).

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Serials are worst these days. Though initially it has a good start, they slowly take deviation to the worst side. Apparently most of the serials telecast typical fights between daughter in law and mother in law. Now it's in next level were super natural powers are ruling in Hindi serials. They are just worst and unrealistic. Such things even will have a negative impact on children them. It's better people stop watching serials and involve themselves in something productive.

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    I did not catch your point, what do you mean by mega serial? I know when ever there is topic of discussion how many of you are watching Tele serials ( either sas bahu serial or reality show), most of say I do not like to see such non sense serials. But how can they getting so much TRP and advertisers. Is it mean who are participating in discussion they are smart and do not waste by watching these serials.
    Due to this imaginary world, although it has no direct connection with the reality still people love to watch those things, or else there would be stop of this entertainment method.

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    I thank to all those who don't watch. As swagatika said we all no its imaginary but still people follow them Especially the youth's are following and getting their future spoilt. Now a days lots of crime, love story etc take place by watching all these serials only. I think they can telecast some moral stories in an imaginary way. Hope all the viewers will like it, even TRP...

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    Fortunately I don't watch television serial, so I am not in a position to provide specific input on this aspect. I only want to state that the producers and directors of the television serials think about TRPs, and not human values.
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    It is up to the individuals concerned to watch television serials or not. It is not mandatory to watch television. As a matter of fact watching television involves some cost also. Therefore taking a decision to not to watch television is likely to result in some savings also. Therefore we cannot put blame on the companies only who broadcast such programs.
    In the market there are many shops selling alcoholic drinks and cigarettes. But many people neither drink or smoke. It is their own choice and decision.
    In case the elders watch television serials in the house, they think it as their prerogative. Money is power and those who have money spend it in the manner they wish.
    However, the author has raised a very valid point and the parents who love their children should think about it.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    On many occasions and contexts, I had mentioned that I do not watch TV serials at all. It is only once-in-a-while, when I change channels that get to get some glimpses of some episodes for a few seconds. Even from those couple of seconds, I have developed some aversion to them.
    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Most of the serials these days show absolute nonsense in the name of family entertainment. The worst thing is most of the characters in serials don't have anything to do except planning and plotting. The whole drama revolves around plans created by the negative character and main character is always shown to have enormous patience. I don't know how anyone in this world can behave like this with their own family members.

    Most of the housewives are addicted to these daily serials. They don't allow anyone to switch to any other channel which serves better content. All the other family members just have to watch it or do some other work. Thank God, we have smartphone and internet these days to choose what we watch, otherwise, there would have been dearth of pure entertainment.

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    Rightly said by the author. Mega serials are not having any moral values nor they teach some basics. In one of the on going serial on Star plus in prime time. the main female character of the serial is not really married so far, but switches between real husband and would be husband and this all happens in front of would be husband's wife. In real life people wont stoop to that level of flirting with so many people. And the plot is written in such a way that the leading lady and leading man of the serial are always shown in compromising position even worst than in any movie. So watching with children is not recommended and these serials are waste.
    K Mohan
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    Actually Indian Mega serials nowadays has no moral values.
    I know a lot of western series which are doing good and even got good moral.
    I mean everything nowadays seems like it's straight out of trash.
    No song, movie or serial gives people any moral values.

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