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    Indian prime minister is in Kenya for a state visit.

    Prime minister Modi landed yesterday, Sunday 10.07.2016. From the local newspapers we are informed that his talks yesterday with the president largely touched on need to acquire cheaper generic medical drugs from India. As you are aware the other variety of drugs are too expensive making them out of reach to the poor. If the deal goes as planned it will really be of benefit to
    many in this country. I understand that there is opposition to production of such drugs from mainstream producers.
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    Thank you for sharing such a valuable information mate!
    India's probably the only developing nation that is doing good.
    Hope our PM will strengthen the afro-asian bonds from now.

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    Total seven agreements were signed between India and Kenya including a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on defence cooperation. Some of the highlights of such agreements are as follows -
    1. A state of the art cancer therapy machine Bhabhatron which is made in India will soon be handed over to the Kenyatta National Hospital.
    2. India handed over 30 field ambulances to the Kenyan Defence Forces.
    3. One agreement pertained to upgrading a textile factory.
    4. An agreement on lines of credit from India to Kenya regarding development of various small and medium enterprises was also signed.
    Prime Minister Modi quoted a Swahili proverb 'Elimubilaamali, kamantabilaasali' which means 'Knowledge without practice is like wax without honey'.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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