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    What is this ISC? A query on TOW award for Adventure

    Respected ISC, its Editors and Members,
    Here is a genuine doubt about ISCs TOW awards. Very recently I said in one of my thread response that TOW award is the only award which is not a controversial award. Now I find it as a controversial award.

    Last week I posted a forum message on Adventure - "If you really want to lead an adventurous life, join the armed forces'. This forum message fetched me 5 points and CC of Rs. 4/- . While it is so, neither the TOW winning award for Adventure, nor the special prize winners for Adventure have received any CC to their credit.

    Now I wish to know whether a thread that deserved a CC from the editors is the best or the threads which have not received any CC are the best. Why are the editors indifferent in judging the threads for an award? Can't my forum message be the best and eligible to receive the TOW award for Adventure?

    Can anyone explain as to why this is so?
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    Mr. Sun, I have also got extra point and cash credit for my thread. Most probably the award-winners get prize-money and extra points which are not reflected in their threads. It is reflected in their respective score-boards.
    There is no controversy in this regard.

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    The parameters and criteria of adjudging a thread as 'an entry of any particular contest' and as a 'forum thread' may be different. It appears that the author's thread was found worthy of award of cash credit of Rs. 4 as a 'forum thread'. However while evaluating the same thread as an entry of TOW contest it was not found worthy of getting a contest prize. In contests, relative merits of submitted entries are evaluated vis-a-vis entries submitted by the other contestants whereas a forum thread is evaluated as a stand alone thread.
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    We always welcome your queries. Basically 25 CC and 15 points is awarded to winner, 15 CC and 7 points is awarded to special prize winner. To encourage other participants we award some CC to them based on the quality of the post. It is not that the thread is the best of all. You can see the same was mentioned in the winners announcement thread that other entries would be given CC based on the quality. I've given CC to participants on the topic Adventure. I will check if anyone is missing for CC.

    Hope I have reached your doubt.

    Editor - ISC

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    Generally, such TOW competitive forum posts are not awarded cash credit (in the thread itself) after the declaration of result. Only the contest threads are awarded cash credits after the declaration of the result.

    It is because, the editor who awards CC is a different editor, and the editor who evaluates the TOW threads is a different editor. So it is a mismatch between the two editors., I think.

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    "Other entries would be given CC based on the quality'. It was never before for a TOW contest thread. It was recent introduction I thin. This was applicable to only contest threads and the phrase is used by ME.

    Anyway I take back my thread.

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    We are giving C.c for the entries for TOW topic contest which have not won any prize previously also. With your consent, I'm locking this thread.
    Editor - ISC

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