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    Do Ladies forget their obligations after joining politics?

    Eve teasing, sexual harassment, Rape, wife swapping all are definitely bad things in our society.
    As a common man we oppose, but why no ladies or women ( being a political leader) do not make issues of such things until unless the allegation is on the opposition party of them.
    I am raising this thread because in Odisha right now there is a casting couch issue going on where a ruling party leader is involved, for that all opposition party are doing daily strike, where as there are serious case than that like rape, forcing his father in law for wife swapping etc . But not a single political party ladies supporting those ladies, not even using their voice at assemble or media. What does it mean? They are only for the political mileage not to solve the actual issue and problems for ladies?
    Some of our friends visit those leaders and ask to take action against the convict, they said this is the job of police where as they are coming daily basis to do strike for ladies safety and demanding the arrest of the ruling party leader on which there is an allegation of casting couch.
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    Politics is about selfishness in the grab of serving others. It requires very hard work that too coupled with luck and often money power as well as muscle power. There is neither any ideology nor any principle of any politician. The politics is all about grabbing power for which votes are required. A true politician works throughout his/her life for votes only. They will raise any issue or stage dharna/protest on any issue in case the issue is convertible in votes.
    The politics is above gender, caste , creed and religion. There is never a male or female politician. A politician is simply a politician.
    Therefore the issue raised by the author appears to be misplaced.
    I remember having read about a case in which Bihar MLA Hemlata Yadav and her son Mrityunjay Yadav were found guilty in the sensational rape case of Champa Biswas, wife of a senior IAS officer. The victim was called by the politician to her house and she bolted the door from outside with her son inside the room to commit the crime.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Politics is nothing but Chameleon. That creature changes colors to protect itself from the possible attack from the enemies. Same is the case of so called politicians. While they are seeking votes, they promise moon on our palm and when they are elected to power and asked to perform duty, they keep quiet citing reasons of party high command not agreeing to her actions. One thing is sure never keep hopes on politicians. If as a citizen you feel injustice is being done, then immediately raise the voice. If your approach is perfect in sync, the world would support you. In that over whelming support, the so called elected politicians would be peanuts before you.
    K Mohan
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    Not only lady politicians, 80% politicians forget their obligations to the voters. This is a general phenomenon all over India.
    However, the incident which has been referred to by the author of this thread is really unfortunate, and not only ladies but also right-thinking males must protest against such ills of the society.

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