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    Is the gold level matriculation, diamond level graduation and platinum level post graduation at ISC?

    Suppose ISC in a school/college and an university.
    Up to reaching silver level a member remains in pre-primary classes and completes his/her matriculation on reaching gold level.
    After that starts the university education and graduation is completed on reaching diamond level.
    Reaching platinum level is like completing the post graduation degree.
    After reaching platinum level, the members continue to do research for their Ph.D. degrees.
    Please don't compare the ISC degrees with the duration of courses involved in conventional educational institutions.
    What are your comments about the above thought?
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    To me, Platinum level is nothing but PhD, very few Members can achieve this.
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    I agree with Partha Kansabanik that to reach platinum level is not that easy. Reaching diamond maybe if you are involved in writing articles might be possible but not platinum just depending on forum messages. Maximum points in form i think is 5. Those are loads of messages you have to write.
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    I am agreeing with Partha that platinum level is the coveted stage of this site which cannot be reached that easily and more importantly to sustain the rank and that level is more important. Normally member thinks that after reaching certain level of excellence, he can be slow and even abstain to see the rank would remain. But at ISC if the member after reaching platinum and keeps low contribution afterwards, there are every chance of plunging to diamond level and vice versa. Therefore grabbing the level is not important but sustaining it is must. In this regard I suggest ISC to introduce super platinum level for those who crossed 1,00,000 points.
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    Platinum - Ph.D
    Diamond - Post graduation
    Gold - Graduation
    Silver - Matriculation
    Bronze - Nursery/LKG/UKG

    At ISC, No one fails and all are passed. However, they are relegated to the lower level when they fail to score the annual average points., This is not happening out side ISC.

    Ph.D awarded to a student is never taken back. Here a platinum member can be diamond member, and a diamond member can be a gold member, if they don't make good their points. What matters is the points at ISC, not the education and intelligence of the member.

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    I had envisaged ISC as an institution of excellence at par with premier educational institutions of India like IITs, IISc etc. Therefore tough standards were set.
    In case the standard is lowered to that of a nondescript private engineering / management college , then even gold level can be said to equivalent to a B.Tech. + MBA degree.

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    In my opinion, reaching diamond level is equivalent to post graduation. Reaching platinum level is not impossible but difficult. There are more than 8 lakh members in ISC. But, less than 20 have platinum level now. Maintaining platinum level needs a higher magnitude of consistency when compared to maintaining diamond level.

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    Platinum level needs to be treated as the Ph.D as per my view. You need to put in a whole lot of hard work to be eligible to achieve the level. And more effort is needed to maintain the level.

    ISC being a site that covers almost everything under the sun, it would not be an easy task to maintain the level that easily. Other niche sites that cater to a specific topic can be easier to handle as they would have a limited number of members compared to the lakhs of members we have here on ISC.

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