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    Failure in examination is not end of life

    Exams and marks are not everything in life. There are ways beyond that and marks cannot write your life. If you fail in exam, it's ok as that is not at all a crime. There is nothing wrong in that. You can learn from your failure and do well next time. That is not the end of life. Not everyone who scored good grades are successful in life and not everyone who failed are struggling in life. Building your beautiful life is in your hands and not on marks. Take it as a spirit and do well. Don't be ashamed if you fail and don't try to do things for yourself that will break your parents. Learn, improve and move on. This is for all the sensitive students who thinks marks is everything in life. There is something more beyond marks. So always never feel disheartened for securing less marks. Happily move on.
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    I am also totally agreeing with the author that failures in exam is not the end to our life. Please note that the student must probe as to why he or she as failed. If a student has rapt attention in the class and having full attendance in whole year, I bet no one would fail and he or she can write exams with the points given by the teacher. Here the student need not refer any text book or any exam model question papers. What I mean to stress here that a small neglect from the student side to be casual in the class would prove to be costly and that leads to failure in exam. By the way the government has made the rule not to detain any student up to the class of 10th for no reason.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Those students who make efforts but unfortunately fail due to unavoidable circumstances, should not get discouraged and try to make further efforts to clear the examination. However, there are many who fail as they don't make any effort and even cheat their parents pretending they are studying. There are few others who though take admission in a higher course, but are unable to understand the subject matter and thus fail.
    Thus we can see that there are varying reasons for failing in an academic examination.
    It is better to start some business or join a job incase it is not possible to continue studies. Many students though pass the examination remain dissatisfied for not getting desired rank or certain wished percentage of marks.
    Moreover, examinations, doesn't mean only academic examinations. The individuals undergo various other examinations also at almost each step in their life.
    The parents miserably fail when their children remain unemployed and don't become self dependent.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Your consistent effort and a meticulous planning prior to examination can make your career - path sublime and as a result of excellent scorings in the examination, you will have better openings in many areas. There are instances where some are unlucky enough to get a good grades or even failed in the examinations due to some reason for the other, it does not mean that all the doors to success are closed to them. In that case, a fresh review of the initiatives is to be taken so that one can take a corrective step in choosing a right career after failure in a certain profession. There is absolutely no guarantee that achievements of brilliant marks in the examinations would make the lives rosy and the failures would lead miserable lives. There are always scopes for the betterment. One needs to change one's concept to be successful in this competitive world.

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