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    Title can not be edited

    Once you have pressed the send button you can't edit the title to your article or forum
    message. If it is an article you also would not be able to edit the 170 characters summary.
    Only thing you can do is edit the body of the article or message. So like it should have read like "India prime minister lands in Kenya on a state visit". These two are part of the url address
    to your article which must remain unaltered.
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    As far as my knowledge goes, the title of any submission of the author can always be changed at the behest of him by going to edit button and doing the necessary changes and re submitting the same.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Let us discuss it fully to clear doubts. I am sharing what I know at present as follows -
    1. Title of a forum thread can be edited. However once a thread is submitted, an url is assigned to the thread by the system which contains the title also besides a serial number e.g. in the present thread the url is -''.
    After editing the title of this thread, the url will remain the same containg the 'Title-can-not-be-edited.aspx' component.
    There had been cases in the past when unknowing authors had totally transformed the title as well as the body of the thread, though url remained the same containing the original title.
    2. Same is the case with articles also. On submission, the system generated url will contain the serial number as well as the selected title. On editing, new title will appear in the article though in the url, only original title will appear.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Mr. stephen ndungu, title can be edited in forum section and articles section but URL cannot be edited in forum section as far as I know. In case you want to edit the title and URL of an article, you can write a message to the editor when posting the article after editing. This message can be written in the text field displayed by clicking the 'Show/Hide Advanced Options' present below the 'Save and Continue', 'Save and View', 'Insert Images' buttons available at the bottom when you are editing an article. Also, this message can be seen only by admin and yourself.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Dear members his point is, in search machine it will be indexed based on our original title and summary and hence we should be cautious before submitting these two other wise the purpose is not served. If that is a wrong or unedited title, if we edit also, the search machine will not show our url with our edited version and only it will show if some one types wrongly as we did while submitting and hence his advice is to make sure before submission.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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