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    What we are seeing in movie characters and stories are they created or actually happened outside?

    Generally we hear from the movie directors and story writers the stories regarding love, mafia,rowdyism, plotting a robbery or crime and how political people behave internally they all happening outside and we are showing in movies. Is all these characters are created by story writers or they have seen some where outside and portrayed as a character in the movie? Is the movie character or story is the original one or already that type of character or incidence is happened outside that is put in the movie which is first? Knowledgeable members respond to the question
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    Normally the movie directors choose a topic or character which has become more famous in the public and try to make visualization of the same by adding their own flavor of thinking ability and thus a new character is born. For example Ram Gopal Varma has made a film on Smuggler Veerappan and he gone in to the details of the bad guy looks and also portrayed the true life of him in the jungles in a big way. Many films are based on real life happenings but the tribute to the real character was not paid truly. Previously there was film made on Bandit queen Phulan Devi, which had the distorted version of her personal life and she even protested over it.
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    Characters in movies are nothing but the real one in the outside and vice versa. By seeing the cinema/tv serial characters many people change their characters into cruel as well good. But the thing we cannot digest is by doing all illegal activities and mischievous activities their compromise is not at all tolerable. That too in many cinemas and serials, they depict the character of mother in law as cruel one and by seeing this many would come to a conclusion that all MIL are bad. Similarly the love matter also many cinemas and serials are paving ways to many to follow in good as well bad.

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    Many biopics or biographical films and films based on real incidences are made in India as well as worldwide. Some of the examples are as follows-
    1. Paan Singh Tomar (2012) based on the true story of national level athlete Paan Singh Tomar who was an Indian army official and had won a gold medal at National Games. Circumstances at his native village had forced him to become a notorious bandit.
    2. Buddha In A Traffic Jam (2012) - a film based on the life of Arundhati Roy.
    3. The Dirty Picture (2011) - was a biographical film based on the life of South Indian actress Silk Smitha.
    5. Black Friday (2004) - based on the 1993 bomb blasts in Mumbai.
    6. Chak de India (2007) - based on the life of former captain of the Indian hockey team Kabir Khan.
    7. No One Killed Jessica (2011) - based on the murder of bar tender Jessica Lall.
    8. Bawandar (2000) - based on the true story of rape victim Bhanwari Devi.
    9. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013)
    10. Mary Kom (2014)
    11. Neerja (2016)

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    Movie stories - just like the other creative writings are the offsprings of a creative mind. And as is well known, creative writing always borrows from the real world.

    The writer who creates the stories has seen the world and he will include all those ideas he has inculcated into himself in his creation. The only difference between a character in a movie and a real life character is that the movies portray the character in a larger than life scale.

    The directors take what is called cinematic liberties to depict the events and the characters involved in a way that can be both informative and financially beneficial.

    But, yes - there are differences when the film makers make biopics ( that is the term used to denote the films made on real life incidents on the real people) in which case they would need to be as realistic and close to the facts as possible to avoid controversies. Some of the recent biopics are Mary Kom and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

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    There are very few movies which are original. Most ideas come from experiences (real or virtual). I recently watched the movie After Earth. The movie deals about a father and son struck in an isolated, dangerous planet with father injuring his both legs due to space ship failure. The space ship breaks into two parts which fall 100 km apart. Their means of escape is by sending a signal from the other part. The story writer said it is inspired from a book in which a father and son get struck in some mountains and so on. Similarly, story writers get ideas which may be based on the movies they watched previously, incidents they saw etc,. Even the story writer may not know his/her story is inspired from somewhere. On the other hand, there are some story writers who just copy stories from different sources and most probably, they don't survive. Now a days, movie industry is being deteriorated and therefore new stories etc,. are needed to save it.

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    Every step you take, every decision you make, is deeply influenced by outer world. You involuntarily try to impart what you experienced in the things you do. Apart from biopics there are movies in which directors tried to impart to people what they experienced.
    There are many movies coming around this year with good social content and message.
    Directors and story writers want people to know things.
    What could be more impressive than a movie or a book?

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