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    Too much restrictions on a child by his parents never leads to good results Do you agree?

    Most of the Parents in todays Modern India usually provide freedom to their children but with few restrictions which mostly leads to good results by making a child responsible.
    But some parents put so many restrictions on them that, their lives becomes like a prision, but what I observed in my school days and also in my college days that more restricted child wants more freedom and most of the time he lies to his patents.
    Wheras with few restrictions and equal freedom children never have to hide anything from his parent.
    What do you think which one is better for betterment of a child more restrictions or less restrictions.
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    I do agree that in the garb of controlling the children the parent should not put them to the feeling of leading a prison life, what I asking the youth that are they Independent enough to face the consequences in life or challenges in life if left in freedom. I do agree that if we wont send the children without our assistance, they wont learn anything , but every corner of approach the society also asks the children to accompany the parent and asks about where about of parents. What this indicates that presence of parents behind the children is imperative and important and that cannot be dispensed with in the garb of giving freedom.
    K Mohan
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    The parents themselves were children once and they were raised by their own parents. Therefore the style of parenting is mostly influenced by the parent's their own experiences of childhood. The only new development takes place when the the mother of the child joins the family and brings with her a basket of own experiences. Thus the father and mother of the child jointly determine the way of parenting.
    In case the father of the child was raised in a joint family with so much love and affection showered upon him by the grandparents, uncles and aunts etc., then the scenario is likely to be different compared to what would have been when the father of the child was raised in a nuclear family.
    Most of the parents in nuclear families have no prior experience of raising a child and therefore they are compelled to adopt trial and error method.
    In my opinion, prior to marriage, all individuals should be required to complete a certificate or a diploma course in prenting.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In my opinion, too much restrictions or too less restrictions will destroy the child's life. Sometimes, we see students (teenage) dying in bike accidents etc,. Their parents must be blamed for providing a bike to them and not guiding their children properly. Hence, too less restrictions lead to problems. Sometimes, we see students committing suicide etc,. I read about an intermediate (12th class) student who committed suicide because her parents wanted (forced) her to qualify in JEE exam. She committed suicide due to pressure. The results are released later and she qualified. Hence, too much restrictions also lead to problems. Every parent must guide their children in a way that helps and is acceptable by both of them.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Parents being very strict will spoil children and I have seen examples of such. Parents restricting children for everything and not giving enough space will make their own children stubborn and go against them in future. A child needs love and affection and should be advised in a loving way rather than beating and scolding the child. If parents scold their child, child gets used to it and ultimately a child will become stubborn and spoil. Parents should be strict when needed not all the time.

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    Exactly. I do not believe in restricting the children in whatever they do. More than making them stubborn as stated by a few of the responses above, it makes them lose their self confidence. It kills the creative side they may have been developing.
    One should not forget that they are in their formative years and every opportunity should be provided to them to make them flourish. Give them their own space. Do not indulge in everything they do. That would in fact, spoil them instead of helping them grow.

    Yes, it could be needed when they are observed to move in a wrong direction. But, please note - aggressive restrictions can make them go that way.

    And one more point parents need to take - set examples before you preach them. Follow the same rules you want THEM to follow. Lead by example should the main criteria for a successful parenting.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    In old one cinema, there was a dialogue,'you can go any where in this bungalow but never try to go that particular room'. But the person whom it was told try to observe about the room only particularly. Similarly when we tell the children not to do this and that, they particularly do the same in our absence. So, we never treat the children with negative thoughts and we should never tell them not to do this and that. I had a friend who used to tell his son only to present before him always after returning from the school. He should not move here and there. This makes day by day, the boy very isolate one and very fearful boy and one day he went insane.

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