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    My article section is restricted. Please let me allow to post an article.

    Few month ago I submitted few article.
    First article was rejected because it was spunned and after that all the article rejected one by one except last.
    Now please allow me to post in article section.
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    You have been already given proper explanation in the other thread you created. It will take a little long to get back the name you have lost.

    I would advice you to be active in other sections of the site and contribute some quality content. That may help you achieve good name. Maybe your access may be restored.

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    The author has mentioned that 'all the article rejected one by one except last'. Was the last article approved? Then when the permission to post new articles was suspended?
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    As far as I know, if 5 of your consecutive articles are rejected, your article posting access will be suspended. Also, your article posting access will be suspended even if one article is in pending state. So, I think the last one of your article is in pending state and therefore your article posting access is rejected for now. I suggest you to edit it as per the editor's suggestions. In case your last article is already approved, the restricted access may be due to multiple rejections previously. Post quality content in different sections and earn the trust of editors. Best of luck.

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    No, I submitted few aritcles in two weeks. Article were rejected due to many reasons but the last article was approved.

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    Dear Ashish yadav, if you have been restricted in article writing as you state i am personally very sorry for you. I got into the same situation nearly three years ago and nothing has changed since. Maybe, like my case you will always be met with the never changing message; which you will not be able to figure out exactly what it is trying to instruct you to do, anytime you attempt to access article section for posting purpose. I really hoped no one else would get into the situation because it is quite difficult. Again, i'm very sorry for you Ashish yadav.
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    Ashish I do understand the feelings of yours when the articles get rejected. There are many reasons for articles getting rejected. Poor content, content not useful to this site, not correlating the content with heading, summary and body content and above all reproducing from other sources. There may be chances when the content of yours appeared somewhere in other sites are shared here and that got rejected. So never get rejected as the reason for such rejections would have been mentioned by our editors. Meanwhile prove your ability and profess of writing through this forum and that will open the gates once again your eagerness to share in article section.
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    Ashish, since your access to the article section has been restricted for reasons already known to you, the option left to you is to be regular in other sections by posting original quality contents. Once you prove your interest and inclination, you may post a request, may be after a few months, for restoration of your posting rights in the article section. Remember that being qualitatively active would be a criteria to decide restoration of posting rights. There is no point in raising threads time and again on the same issue.
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    Ashish, since your article violated the rules of ISC, those were rejected and you have been imposed upon by a restriction. But that doesn't stop you from participating in ask experts section or jobs section or any other section in ISC for that matter.

    Please work hard in other sections of ISC. Don't plagiarize or give spunned articles. It will benefit both you and other ISCians. This will largely benefit the crores of Indians and people from outside India who are reading your article. If you write your own thoughts and don't violate ISC rules any further, webmasters will think about your restriction in due course of time. So cheer up and contribute in other sections of ISC.

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