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    Can terrorism be Stopped?

    Terrorist activities is increasing day by day. We see so many innocents are being shot and killed. It seems like there is no stop for this. Even highly educated man is getting involved in terrorism. If this continues like this, what will happen to world in future?
    Will better government and lot of employment opportunities in youth stop terrorism one day? Earlier people involved in terrorism with lack of education. Now highly educated man is involved in it. Could it be because of unemployment? Or is hatred the sole reason for terrorism? What way can be adopted by government or anyone to stop terrorism?
    Hope to see a peaceful world in future.
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    Unfortunately it is not that easy to exterminate terrorism completely. The population is growing exponentially. As against the estimated population of 743 crores in the year 2016, the same is likely to grow to 972 crores by the year 2050. The resources will be eaten up at accelerated rates and it may not be possible to provided gainful employment to all individuals.
    Only increase in the population is making the things more competitive and tougher to acquire. The management of the country's resources is becoming difficult. Moreover there are more than 200 sovereign countries in the world and they have their own ideologies and style of governance.
    The bodies like the United Nations are also finding themselves helpless in coping up with many global issues.
    Therefore utter pessimistic though it may seem, I don't see any ray of hope in getting terrorism totally exterminated in near future.

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