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    Nursery School Admissions Can't be affordable to a Middle class family

    Hello Every Body,

    Today I wish to discuss about the school admissions where all the parents start thinking at the the time of child birth only.........

    My request to all nursery schools is that to reduce the tension about admission to the parents.

    Now a days once our kid crosses 2.6 years the parents start searching for the school and stand a queue the previous day for just application form. After the application again the fees structure is so heavy that a conman man cannot afford to pay their fees, donation, their own books and uniform which are costed double than the market price, just for nursery admission. OK after all that when the child starts going to the school it is so burdened for the children to do project work which is above their level and at last the parents do it. [ITS A PARENT PROJECT NOT FOR CHILDREN]

    So My Sincere request to all the nursery schools is that please take minimum fees and minimum donation where a comman man can afford and see that child is able to do the project on its own with its present knowledge and which it can do. Because earlier schools were good with minimum fees and the education was at least THE BEST, parents would never bother about school fees or donation. So why? can't that system repeat again.

    [One more important notice is that most of the schools take a interview to the child and the parents to check whether the parents are educated] - Why all this? I think the great people in INDIA who have achieved, their parents might not been educated even schooling. But as now all will be educated but few will not be due some family problems or will be educated in Kannada. But all English medium schools give notice in English only. So the Kannada medium parents will not understand the notice. So Please its a request Try to change all this so that each and every child in INDIA is educated.
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    In India school fee is not regulated by the Government. Instead Government encourage spread of education. Schools are opened in both the Government sector and private sector. However in case of self financed private schools all expenditure has to be met by the school management only. This involves payment of salary to the teachers, maintenance of schools and such other expenditure. New schools have to repay the loans, if any, taken from the banks. Many schools are nowadays providing air conditioned class rooms also thereby costing more. They have to earn profit also.
    The parents have a choice to select the schools matching with their payment capacity. The cost of education in Government schools is almost negligible.
    The glamorous schools exploit the emotions of the parents to provide best possible education to their children.
    Thus though we can request the school management to reduce the fee, but practically nothing much can be done legally.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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