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    The dog festival of China and Korea and our society.

    Summer season is the time of dog eating festival in China and South Korea. Though, media has caused it to decline in popularity, what is of interest is the great public numbers against it alone and not against non-vegetarian diet as a whole. The outcry against dog consumption makes one think of the innate hipocrisy of mankind today. It apparently is acceptable to boil lobsters alive for luxurious delicacies but its an obnoxious and inhuman act to do the same with dogs! This partiality isn't based on the phylogeny. Maybe, it comes down to being accustomed. Consumption of chicken, fish, pig, sea food, is acceptable because we are accustomed. The societal upbringing filters our logic and impairs us to realize that we are pointing a red handed finger. Right and wrong, black and white can never be defined. No culture is better than the other. We need an open mind unrestricted by prejudices to truly decide our course of action.
    This post is not for advocating animal cruelty but awareness.
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    Homo sapiens, the anatomically modern humans originated about 1,50,000 years ago. The humans acquired their food by hunting wild animals or gathering food from wild plants. The human's transition from the hunter gatheres lifestyle toward cultivating crops and animals for food began around 11,000 BC only.
    Thus we see that the humans used to consume animal meat since very beginning much before the advent of agricultural systems. Since agriculture tied people to their land, densely populated human settlements got developed.
    Regarding eating dog meat , many people believe that torturing the dog before slaughter makes the meat tastier and provides some health benefits. The torture methods include non-lethal electrocution, beatings and stabbings. In certain civilizations, dogs are beaten while tied in a gunny bag prior to their slaughtering.
    The world has many cultures. People do what they believe as correct. We cannot impose our own views on others.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Actually this is very confusing discussion and I am against of any type of non veg.

    All animal want to live and love his life so we are responsible to save animal life .

    God give us good heart to think about right things to do. If people do wrong then if there is God then He will decide what to do with that kind of person.

    There is no result after long discussion because kalyug people do always negative if you advice positive.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    As culture, living style and eating habits differ from person to person and country to country, we can not say which is good and which is bad, in some country they eat such things which is hated by other countries, some people worship particular animal where as other countries people consume that happily. So we can not control these things, as human needs to save him self by eating proper food, and always do research which food ( non veg meat can help him to better survival). As very less Indians consume dog where as other countries eating heavily.
    I am not against of it ( although I am vegetarian), but the people who live near by pole they need to eat fatty items which can only collected from animal meat or else they will die in cold.

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    The subject matter may not be discussed by the pure vegetarians like me. But I certainly wont like people eating dog meat which is not a regular meat like that of camel and goat. Some people may eat but that would be clandestinely.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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