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    Should ISC ask for PAN from members for making payment to create awareness about PAN?

    Many people still don't have their PAN cards. There were around 17 crore PAN card holders in India as of in the year 2014, though there were only about 3 crore income tax payers.
    Besides being an important document as an ID proof, PAN card is required for certain other purposes also like for opening a new bank account, sale of immovable properties/vehicles etc., depositing cash above Rs. 50,000 in bank accounts and while taking a new landline telephone connection or buying a mobile phone SIM card.
    My point regarding asking PAN by ISC is not from the point of view of tax compliance, but instead for creating awareness among people about importance of making a PAN card.
    Fellow ISCians, what are your comments about the subject matter?
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    You are presuming that ISC members are kids studying in LKG and UKG and are not aware of PAN card and its use. All at ISC are educated and intelligent enough to know what is a PAN card.

    ISC pays us a very meagre sum of 600 to 3000 in a month. Should that require a PAN card number. Will it not be too much from ISC to ask for payment of a four figure amount?

    If you wish, write an article about PAN card and its use. Its advantage and disadvantage, merits and demerits etc.

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    I would not agree to this suggestion. Yes, I agree that there is a need to spread awareness about the PAN card. But, making it compulsory for the payment from ISC is much unneeded.

    Almost all the members on ISC are well aware of the PAN card and the associated benefits. There would not be any need for the PAN to be made compulsory for the ISC payment.

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    Members are receiving payments through NEFT and getting directly credited to their SB accounts operated in their respective banks. No bank is allowing any member, even if it were a minor account or student account, unless they invariably mention their PAN number in the opening form. So, there is no necessity for insisting PAN number of the members. Moreover, awareness among the masses about PAN, AADHAR and Voter ID has already been in vogue due to compulsion in their daily activities which require a mandatory mention such as online booking and getting subsidy for gas registration/refill etc.


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    The author must know that when the transactions of earnings of every member is routed through their bank accounts, that means the site is following fool proof method and the actions are open to total transparency. The government always wanted transparency in transactions and ISC is fore front in that. By the way PAN card insistence by ISC does not arise. Members are not earning in lakhs here. We are sharing our time and knowledge for that some decent amount is credited to our profile and then to our account which is paid through bank transaction. So tax man can know our earnings, ISC earnings and all those information in a gif.
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    It may not be prudent for ISC administration to seek PAN card details from Members. The information can be leaked. Moreover, as the amount is being paid to an account maintained in bank, the PAN card details of the receivers are already known to the appropriate authority.
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    Based on my experience, I guess that many ISCians, especially in the younger age group, may not be having their PAN card.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    @ Kailash kumar, now days every where PAN card is must. Although youngsters are not aware about taxation, but they are having PAN card for their identity proof. Youngsters does not earn mean they do not have a PAN card, the person who live in cities or urban area now days most of them are having PAN card.

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    Swagatika - By younger generation I meant 'younger generation' as a whole. I still maintain that many ISCians are not likely to have their PAN card made so far.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Even when they may not have PAN card made, they would be forced to get one as it is one of the most needed document for your financial transactions. As such, they will be made aware of the PAN card.

    The point of discussion is whether ISC needs to make PAN card compulsory. I am of the firm opinion that it need not be.

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