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    Be supportive to women who don't have kids

    Why is women without a kid after marriage is treated bad in the society? Every women after an year or two after her wedding wishes for a kid. There could be some problem in health or some other thing because of which she must be delayed in having a kid. Having a baby is not in her hands. Why do society treat her in a different way and hurt her with all their sarcastic taunts? She will already be depressed and such talks from people will hurt her more. During that phase of life She needs a support, an ear to listen to her pain, she needs someone to console her. So if people can't talk something good then it is better they don't talk rather than hurting her. It's because of societies inquisitive nature, such woman will further go into depression. If she has no child there is nothing wrong. She can adopt a child, there are so many children out who needs to be taken care off. So there is nothing to make fun off or hurt them in that matter. It is their personal life and only she and her husband can decide on it.
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    I do understand the ordeal of not having the kid immediately after marriage. Take for my instance. After five years we had the kid and that whole five years was the hell for us as where ever we gone the first question asked by every one as to why there are no kids so far. It is the prerogative and wish of any Individual to have kid or postpone the same as per their wish and future plans. But society wont allow nor they are interested in our plans. They want a kid for us and so as the mother in law. What I feel that at least after two years of marriage, having a kid is important , otherwise the society would label the woman as barren and that cannot be tolerated.
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    In earlier days (during the dark medieval period), women were considered children-producing machine. Unfortunately, even today, some retarded people don't give recognition and respect. They don't bother about education of girl-children. This type of people look down upon women who don't have child/children. They fail to understand that many women don't have children consciously.
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    With the advancement in medical science, the issue has no longer remained that much challenging as it was in the past. Male fertility peaks usually at age 25 and declines after age 40 whereas female fertility normally peaks at age 24 and diminishes after 30.
    Nowadays due to late marriages also, the instances of couples not having kids are increasing. Many couples keep it on postponing deliberately due to career related and such other reasons.
    As far as the attitude of the society is concerned, generally there is a stereotype presumption that the marriages are solemnized only for the purpose of procreation. Ability to conceive and give birth has always been treated natural on the part of the women. Generally inability to conceive is treated as a social stigma in many societies and cultures.
    Gradually with the spread of education, the people's attitude is getting changed and people are not meddling with other couple's issues in bigger cities and among educated societies.

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    I consider myself a feminist. I support women. And sterility is never restricted to a gender,age or race. Again, we can always adopt an angel, thus by both rescuing it and quenching your love the same time.
    And criticising a woman for her sterility is the worst thing imaginable.

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    So long as we remain in India irrespective any place, there would be certainly intrusion of your privacy including the one of not having a baby even after the long companionship of the couples. It appears that the problem is not of theirs but the entire society owe to this. May be we are over sensetive to this issue and would feel relaxed with a timely birth of the child. Sometimes, asking questions with curiosity may hurt the sentiments of the couples but these people have nothing to do with the courtesy.
    We have a notion that there should not be any delay in delivery once the couples are married and no explanation would be convincing to them. With the spread of education, there will be change of the attitudes of the people. Let us hope so.

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    This is a social issue and mind set, it can not be changed, and I do not think by sympathizing a lady or by supportive it will not any kind of helpful to that lady.
    It is purely their independent matter also the husband should stand beside her to give her moral support.
    Nothing else can not be done.

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