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    Advise: Before responding to threads please look for the date beside the author

    Many a times even being a senior, I failed to notice the date appearing beside the author in the forum open pages heading which tempts us to respond and thus if the post is old, we are likely to be punished with negative points or even deleting the response. So my advise to new and other members to see for the date first which appears after the name of the author and then respond. By the way Tony can devise a method where in the threads older than 10 days convert to black color, so that we can get alerted and keep away from it. Is that possible ?
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    Yes we should always check out for date before responding to thread. Many times some old threads were pulled from a newbie and I would end up responding without checking the date. And have lost my points also for the mistake I did. So I am careful these days while responding to the thread.

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    Instead of devising a method to blacken the text of ten days old messages, why not Tony devise a method to get the threads locked automatically after 10 days. We had been requesting and insisting ISC, but ISC has no means and methods to do it. I suggested appointing a special editor 'Locking Editor' for this purpose. ISC has shown its deaf ears to my proposal. What to do? Live with it. In a hurry, we tend to forget to look at the date of posting to get punished with negative points.
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    It generally happens in most of the cases because the newbies are not aware of this policy/guideline. Generally after joining ISC, they explore the repository and dig threads on topics which appeal them. Being unaware, they post responses on the same. However in case of the oldies, the problem arises adue to the fact that on the 'What is New in' page, only the 'posted date' appears besides 'title' and other details like 'section' and 'posted by' . It gives illusion to the unsuspecting oldies who are in hurry to post responses, as if the thread is a new one.
    Periodically we discuss this matter whenever any such unintentional error is committed by an oldies to provide some technical solution to the issue concerned. However it may not be that easy as it appears. There cannot be any hard and fast rule about this. There are certain exceptions in which the thread continues to be alive even after 10 days. It may not be possible for any software to identify such threads.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The new Members of ISC may please read this thread very carefully and follow it in future. I have seen that even 10 points can be deducted if an old thread ( more than 10 days) is re-opened. Not only new Members, sometime old Members also re-open old thread to refer related issues. So, we, the old Members of ISC, should also remember this essential rule of ISC.
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    Partha - There is no penalty for opening an old thread for reference only. Penalty is imposed by the editors on posting response and thereby earning points.
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    I hope now admn has tried its best from previous because the date is showing next to thread is the posted date vs earlier latest response date. So one should carefully see the date and open the thread to respond.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Thanks K mohan sir, as I have already face the problem by posting a message which was 10 days before posted, , as I was unaware about that also, but get to know in another forum and I found that one of my message get zero points and another get negative points.
    Now I am alert while posting in any forum so that my points should no go waste.

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    "....a special editor 'Locking Editor' for this purpose":(smile)

    A very simple trap most of us have fallen into one day or other. All are equally sinners in this regard. We have brought this matter umpteen times here. If a permanent solution comes I will also be glad.

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    @Venkiteswaran now the system of seeing date next to thread is available as the original posted date and hence I hope ISC has given a solution.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    You have said in your #571099 that - There cannot be any hard and fast rule about this. There are certain exceptions in which the thread continues to be alive even after 10 days.

    Can you name few type of threads which are likely to remain active for more than TEN days and await responses?

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    Sun - Thread containing policy decisions and guidelines remains alive for ever. Many announcement threads also remain alive even after 10 days. Threads raised by the Webmasters and ME etc. on certain important issues also remain alive even after 10 days.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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