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    Soon Hyderabad would be green forest city thanks to 25 lakh plantation in one day.

    In a big greenery drive, the Telangana government has planted 25,00,000 saplings across the lanes and by lanes of the Twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad and as far as my knowledge goes, no government has ever undertaken greenery drive with so much enthusiasm and passion and thus sooner or later our city is going to beat the record of Bengaluru which is considered as green and garden city. Our children will be blessed with more oxygen , the people would be having high sigh of relief due to less pollution and above all the rains would be regular to our city in future. Thanks to Telangana government and the people for overwhelmingly participating.
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    On Monday, 11th July, 2016, a world record of planting 5 crore saplings in 24 hours was set in Uttar Pradesh. So far the record for the most trees planted in a day was 8,47,275 which was accomplished in Pakistan in the year 2013.
    Preparations were going on since last several months and more than 8 lakh people including students, environmentalists, lawmakers, Government officials, housewives, volunteers and NGOs were involved in the gigantic task. The saplings were distributed by the officials of the forest department of the Uttar Pradesh Government free of cost. It has set a new Guinness Book of World Records.
    UP CM Akhilesh Yadav and his wife Dimple Yadav who is a M.P. inaugurated the 'Green UP Clean UP' on Monday by planting a sapling at Kannauj, the parliamentary constituency of Dimple Yadav.
    However, long term survival of trees planted in such mass campaigns is a matter of concern.

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    Even if 20% of the saplings survive the onslaught of civilization, then the twin city will definitely be a pleasant place to live. But from my experience with science club during my student days, I can say that generally less than 5% saplings ultimately become trees.
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    Partha , most of the saplings were planted by house holds and certainly they will be taken care off.
    K Mohan
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    We are planting trees only to go on records. We remember the plant on the day when we plant and forget the plant on the very next day. I and my team planted many a thousand sapplings of various types, but to see none now. During world environment day, we were compelled to plant trees, but no one compelled us to nurture and care the tree. No one questioned as to what happened to the plants planted earlier. If we plant a tree on the national highway, who will care it? I wonder that they might collect toll fee to care and nurture the trees, from the vehicles plying on the highways.

    As per Mohan, if Hyderabad turns to be a green forest with each and every house planting too many trees, it would provide shelter for reptiles, birds and insects. Again it would be a major problem to control the reptiles like snake etc getting inside the residences, monkey menace, birds shit etc.

    I don't appreciate Hyderabad or any other city becoming a green forest. I would accept green cities, not the green forests in a city.

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    Planted trees should also be taken care off and nurtured properly. It should be like the trees were planted only for that day and everyone forgets about it the next day. Also the trees should survive for long time. If that happens and if Hyderabad turns into green city, then it is really very good. One can have fresh air and oxygen, less pollution. Also in future those trees should not be cut down for new buildings to come up. I agree, bengaluru is a green city which was once fully green. But now than greenery, we only see buildings and pollution. This should not be the case in Hyderabad.

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    Please be noted that for nurturing the plants rupees five per sapling per month is provided by central and state government and that would give more impetus to nurture the same.
    K Mohan
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