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    Which type of accommodation i.e. an independent house or an apartment is better for living?

    Earlier there used to be only independent houses. However with the increase in population and migration of people from the rural areas to urban areas, the availability of land in the urban areas declined considerably. Due to such reasons multistory apartment buildings are increasing day by day. In the metros cities and other major cities, people are nowadays preferring to live in apartments only.
    There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with both.
    Which type of accommodation i.e. an independent house or an apartment is better for living?
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    Like you said, both has its pros and cons. Staying in a house gives us more privacy, and if our house has a courtyard, it is good for children too, unlike in apartments, where they can feel suffocated. And it gives us more space if we like gardening, and place to dry our laundered clothes etc. I prefer house to apartments if we live in a joint family. But in the case of adults, if only two people like , only parents are there and children are not living with them, apartments would be the best option. Because in a big house you can get lonely, and cleaning is also easier in an apartment, compared to a house.

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    I feel staying in apartment in better considering saftey purpose. Theft, crimes are less in apartments compared to independent house. In independent houses, there should be proper security measures to be taken in order to prevent stranger from entering the house like increasing the height of walls, putting a grill etc. But in apartment, there will be security guard and since it is a apartment, many people will be around and if something goes wornf people will be there to help.

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    Well noting can match to a Independent home living as it has many advantages. I am being the owner of Independent house knows that the land value always appreciate and it is the good investment on Independent house. We are our own boss and no intervention from any body. Even if our children make noise or shouts, no one to question or ask. During festivities, especially during Deepavali celebrations in Independence house goes smoothly. But when you are in apartment, the intervention of fellow persons would be more even for small disturbance. The festivities cannot be celebrated with full mood. In many apartments the water shortage forces the occupants to limit the guests for any family functions and the parking is the great head ache. Moreover paying monthly maintenance charges are must and in Independent house, there are no such over heads.
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    In apartments there is one more advantage besides the security aspects etc. We get a feel of community living in apartments as generally all festivals etc. are organized together in the common area.
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    me and my family living in an independent house, there are benefits and disadvantages in both, and who ever has acquainted with any one might not like the other. Because by living in an independent house, we have our privacy, number of guests are allowed, we have our private huge parking space, we can use our roof top for functions, can have own roof top garden. we can built another floor . But still some time I miss apartment living or colony living, as I have seen many of my friends who are staying in apartment, they have a good social lie than us,

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